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Low-Cost Cocktail Bars in Madrid

Whoever said that having a drink with friends has to be super expensive? It doesn’t! We at Mad4Madrid want you to party well and drink for cheap. Here are a few low-cost cocktail bars in Madrid that you need on your to-visit list! Got a pen?

Whoever said that having a drink with friends has to be super expensive? It doesn’t! There are several low-cost cocktail bars in Madrid that will enable you and your friends to party in spite of the crisis! Some of these bars are extremely well-known, and a few of these Cocktail bars in Madrid are more under the radar. Either way we at Mad4Madrid want you to party well, drink for cheap, and continue to enjoy this beautiful city! Here are a few low-cost cocktail bars in Madrid that you should save on your to-visit list!

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100 Montaditos 

1/5 Liter Beers of Tinto de Verano 1,50€

Sandwiches: 1€-2,50€

Tapas to share: 1€-2€

Tip: On Wednesday and Sunday the menu costs 1€ except for drinks, and salads! There’s literally one on almost every corner, and they stay open quite late! Classic plan, but a good one!


La Blanca Paloma 

Free tapas with each drink order!

If you’re with friends there’s an offer of a bottle of liquor with 6 sodas for 30€! This is a great deal if you’re in a small to medium group of friends! They’re open until 2h, so don’t worry about rushing, you have time to sit back, and take in the smell of fried eggs, beer, and piping hot patatas bravas! Beers cost around 4€ for half a liter!




Remember it’s a marathon, not a sprint! Between all the beer and liquid confidence you’re drinking, you may also want to take a break and eat something that’s not a potato? This place offers great priced drinks, and some delicious pinxtos to help soak it all up with! Lizarrán is typically Spanish, and the dishes are usually meat or ham heavy with a few vegetarian options like tortilla de patatas or ensaladilla rusa.


La Sureña

This is another chain similar to 100 Montaditos, but with more Spaniards and less foreigners! If that’s the environment you’re looking for, this is the place to go. On Thursday, your second tapa is free, and who doesn’t like free food? It’s almost as if it tastes better.



Mercado Provencal

There are over 60 some odd locations in Spain, so basically you can find one on almost ever corner. I mean… 80 cents for a beer? It doesn’t get much more low cost than that! They also serve small bites like sandwiches and tapas. Did we mention that beer is 80 cents? Just wondering.



Copas Rotas

This is a great place to get your night started as their prices depend on the time of day you go! Before 23h, the drinks and cocktails are cheaper! You can find wine, beer and actual cocktails for under 5€! There’s good ambience, and it’s usually crowded, so get there early!



+K Copas

Más que copas is another low cost bar that’s located in the city center in areas that are are known for their parties and discos such as Sol and Chueca. If you’re looking to snack while you sip, but don’t want to suffocated by large crowds, this is the place for you. There are cold and hot sandwiches for 1€ and larger tapas for 3€.


El Tigre

El Tigre de toda la vida! Claro! Big drinks: sangría, tinto de verano, mojito, beer and capirinha. Pick your poison. They give you food.. and lots of it! It’s included in the price of your drink; however, we cannot recommend eating there in good conscience. We love you all too much!



Índalo Tapas 

Order a drink. Choose your tapa. The difference between Índalo and El Tigre for example is that the tapas are made to order, and you can choose which one you’d like! They have a wide variety of traditional Spanish tapas such as morcilla, huevos rotos con beicon, patatas bravas, oreja a la plancha, croquetas and much more!


Have any other low cost cocktail bars in Madrid to add to the list? Tell us in the comments! 

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