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Lolo Polos Artesanos: Messy Fingers and Nostalgia

Who doesn't have childhood memories that are triggered by certain events or situations? A song, a place, and of course, food. It's when we eat that these beautiful memories are made. Popsicles like the ones at Lolo Polos Artesanos has jump-started the collective memory of everyone in Madrid.

Who doesn’t have childhood memories that are triggered by certain events or situations? A song, a place, and of course, food. It’s when we eat that these beautiful memories are made. In Spain, grandma’s croquetas are very common, the countless hours spent at the table in summer after eating a paellacocido on Sunday and tortilla de patatas among family and friends, and can’t forget, ice cream and los polos or popsicles in summer time.    

Poster learning to drive
Poster of the film “Learning to Drive”, set in Queens [New York]
Popsicles like the ones at Lolo Polos Artesanos has jump-started the collective memory of everyone in Madrid. It´s a business similar to the ones in Latin America, India and the United States, where freshly squeezed juices and popsicles are most common.

But they don’t just sell your average popsicle. They are made daily with fresh fruits and vegetables. Yes, you read correctly: vegetables! Everyday, a new variety depending on the season, no artificial ingredients, which means they couldn’t be any healthier. As it turns out, there’s also very little ice because 70% of the popsicle is fruit and a little sugar, two or three teaspoons depending on the ingredients of each recipe.The rest is water, milk or yoghurt, even though when we went, they only had one with milk and another with yoghurt. The rest were with water. By the way, the milk and yoghurt based popsicles, are so creamy, they’ll drive you nuts!

Lets have one!

This is very important: most of the popsicles are made with ingredients perfectly suitable for those with gluten intolerance. In any case, ask at the store and they will point out which you can and cannot have.

Each one costs 2,95€. No, there’s not very cheap like the mainstream brands that you will find in bars all over Spain, but believe us when we tell you that they’re big, generous portions and take a while to eat. Since they’re so healthy, they´re perfect when you’re feeling a bit peckish, or matar el gusanillo.

Two sisters, Azmina and Ashfara, were the one who opened this establishment in a tiny shop, in the heart of Malasaña, on Calle Espíritu Santo. Although it´s very small, all they need is a freezer and a place to house the popsicles for the day in  a rainbow of colors. The decorations reminds you of a typical beach shack with pastel colored stripes in green, yellow and pink and wooden shelves. It still has a modern industrial flair with the hanging metal lamps and cloth banners that are handmade.

Lolo Polos Artesanos - Inside of the store
Lolo Polos Artesanos – Inside of the store

So, now you know, for those summer days when the temperatures reach over 30ºC, make some time after lunch or dinner and treat yourself to a unique and fresh dessert. Or if you´re going for a walk in the morning or early afternoon, it´s the perfect healthy pick-me-up. We went the whole team and the decision was unanimous: it’s worth it! They are really delicious and they have got different flavors, that change day to day, it´s impossible to find anything like this in Madrid. So you have an idea, we will leave you this list of of flavors from the day we visited. We tried the Lime & Chilli, Orange and Lemon and Milk, Rose Water and Chia. All three were fantastic!

List popsicles lolo polos artesanos
List of flavors they had one of the days we make a visit
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