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Forasteros Interview – Music to make you dance, laugh, sing, meditate…

The Forasteros are an eclectic musical force taking the fusion scene head on! Check out the exclusive interview here.

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Swing Dancing in Madrid: Feel the Music!

Not rap, rock, house, or bubblegum pop. The rhythm of the moment right now in Madrid is swing. The be-bop that once drove us crazy is back with bang. Mad4Madrid explores this nostalgic new craze and finds out were you can put your dancing shoes on.

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Madrid: the flamenco capital

When we think of Spain, one of the first images that come to our mind is that of a group of artists playing and dancing flamenco. It is probably the most universal form of Spanish art, representing like no other the spirit of Spanish culture and people. Contrary to what most people think, the flamenco is not a gypsy art, although gypsy people learned to capture and convey the essence of flamenco, and that’s why they were also called “flamencos” in the past. There are gypsies in most European countries, but flamenco is performed by them only in Spain.

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Jazz in Madrid

After a stressful day, Madrid comes back to the calm. Back to silence. Metro and cars turn off their engines. The ‘Daytime Madrid’ goes to sleep, while the ‘Nighttime Madrid’ sounds to the rhythm of the piano, the saxophone, the trombone and bass. Awaken a different Madrid. It’s November. It’s time of Jazz….

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