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Jam Sessions Madrid: Spreading the Love

We all love a spontaneous party. This time around Mad4Madrid takes a look at some of the best jam sessions in the city. Jazz, Soul, Funk, whatever your groove get ready for some one-of-a-kind, unscripted talent.

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Living Room Concerts: Live Music Behind Closed Doors

When the bars started to close and the drinks got too expensive, Nichole Hastings brought the party behind closed doors and offered us a refreshing alternative: live music from the comfort of her armchair.

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Open Mics in Madrid

See yourself as a budding singer, poet, comic, or musician? Then listen up. We have handpicked some of our favourite open mic events to open their doors on a Madrid working week.

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Karaoke Bars Madrid

Karaoke bars in Madrid are few and far between, but we tracked down a few of the best in the city! Keep reading if you want to know where you too can belt out your favorite tunes!

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Summer Music Agenda Spain: 23-47

Back again with the second, and final installation of the Mad4Madrid Summer Music Festival Agenda! There are music concerts from all over Spain with the details on where to stay, and of course, what to eat! Summer in Spain starts now, will you be left wondering? Or will you keep reading?

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Summer Music Agenda Spain: 1- 23

After making it clear no need to leave Madrid to enjoy your summer, Mad4Madrid we caught a little obsession with musical festivals, and we decided to bring some of the ones we like … outside Madrid . That’s it! As would be impossible (or very long) resumirte here tooodos festivals held in Spain, we have only selected one from each province. That’s enough! And, as we are very bossy, also we tell you how to go, where to stay and what to eat. Because you look very thin, son. And I know, and then I just go to festivals to drink.

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Mad4Madrid Summer Music Festival Agenda- Top 11

Admit it. As the summer concert dates quickly approach, you become a bit overwhelmed by jealousy and envy of all the bloody festivals in Madrid. You feel a bit trapped because the process of the festivals increase more and more each year prohibiting us from enjoying our favorite bands. You’re not alone. Summer in Madrid is unbearable? It’s better when you’re dancing to de Two Door Cinema Club, Bunbury or even Molotov. All of those groups, and others you can’t imagine, are coming to Madrid this summer. Keep Reading, I’ll tell you all about it.

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