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Lima Limón: A Fresh Take on Peruvian Classics

Lima Limón is a new Peruvian restaurant that has opened in the Salamanca neighborhood of Madrid. They offer classic dishes such as cause limeña and ceviche! It’s a great sit-down restaurant that would be perfect for date night! We recommend trying their pisco sour! For more suggestions, keep reading!

Lima Limón: A Fresh Take on Peruvian Classics

Lima Limón is a Peruvian restaurant that has arrived in Madrid by way of, surprisingly, Chile! Although the company was founded by a Peruvian restaurateur, they have made several strides and found much success in Chile, and now, Madrid! The restaurant is located in Barrio Salamanca right behind the Retiro Park and can easily be accessed by Metro stop Sainz de Baranda. The restaurant itself is cozy and classic: white table cloths, impeccably placed cutlery and table settings, and charming and intriguing life-size black and white photos of Peru hung on the walls.  The menu is comprised of moderately priced dishes ranging from fish, to meat to chicken, as well as a variety of desserts. When we went to Lima Limón, we knew exactly how to start the meal: pisco sours!


Pisco sour is a traditional Peruvian cocktail made with, well, pisco! It’s refreshing, and light, but packs a punch, so beware, or you may end up seeing double! At Lima Limón, they serve their pisco sours in short glasses. We quickly followed the pisco with cause limeña, a cute and small appetizers of marinated octopus stuffed into yellow potatoes and served in a spoon, so it’s a bite size portion! It was a great way to clean our palate and prepare for the next round: tiradito de ceviche. They took delicious and fresh raw fish, think sashimi, and drizzled it with fresh lemon juice and Andean corn or choclo. The fish was hearty, but not heavy. We went on to try the anticucho. For those of you who don’t know what it is, it’s meat: so just trust us, try it, then ask for details later. It’s not however ideal for picky eaters or vegetarians. It’s grilled strips of beef heart. It was juicy, and perfectly cooked. It was accompanied by ají a mildly spicy sauce. The two items worked together perfectly, and we highly recommend it! For the less adventurous eaters there’s ají de gallina which is well-seasoned chicken over white rice, and covered with a think and creamy sauce that also comes from el ají. You’ll want to eat the whole plate yourself, but it is necessary to point out that the portion sizes are large enough to share. Wanting to share is a completely different story.


Since we had already gorged ourselves on fish, chicken and meat, we thought: why not take it a step further? What about some lamb? This is a star plate, without a doubt. The leg of lamb is served on a broad bean puree. When we say that the meat literally fell off of the bone, trust us. You could eat the entire dish with a spoon: that’s how tender the lamb was. It was at this point that we realized that Lima Limón had really outdone itself that dessert arrived. What a perfect end to the meal: dulce de leche merengue served in a martini glass!


Overall, the experience at Lima Limón was fantastic: their attention to detail and layering of flavor was impeccable. This is a great place to keep in mind for date night (Valentine’s Day isn’t too far away)!

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