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Let yourself be kidnapped in Madrid

If you are a fan of escape games and have already tried everything, in Madrid a new modality has been born: Kidnappings. Hooded with handcuffs and 1 hour to escape. Do you really think you can win it? Mad4Madrid shares their experience with you.

Let yourself be kidnapped in Madrid

In Golden Celebrations they go a step further with the escape games. They also kidnap you! This activity is for a maximum of 4 people, so think well beforehand on whom you want to be in your group because complicity and teamwork are essential in these games. Part of the Mad4Madrid team was kidnapped and they had a great time. We do not want to spoil the game for you because most of its charm is not knowing exactly what is coming next.

Some tips:

  • Your belongings will be secure in lockers that are in the hall of the premises. You will have your key at all times and they are free.
  • To play, we recommend comfortable clothes. You may get hot playing (nerves always tend to sneak up on you) and you are going to crouch and move a lot. If you have long hair, a ponytail can help you.
  • If you think you’re not going to enjoy the experience, check with the Golden Celebrations team. There are some surprises and time always runs against you … keep that in mind. Do not worry about the language. If you have not yet mastered Spanish, they have told us that you can be kidnapped by kidnappers who speak fluent English. Check it before booking. Anyway, the language is not going to be your biggest problem …

And we started playing

The context is that you are in a great television series and a group of mercenaries has kidnapped you to participate in it. You belong to a selected group of people, so much is expected from your intelligence and skills. In teams of four (at the most), you will have to solve a multitude of clues in order to be released. You will only have 60 minutes in which competitiveness, cunningness and even selfishness will emerge (even though it is about collaboration).

Get ready to register shelves, boxes, open padlocks that seems impossible, negotiate … And all this, with the greatest possible secrecy.

The price is € 25 / person, regardless of the number of players in your group. You can check the hours on their website.

If going through a kidnapping is too extreme of an experience for you, you have many other options with Golden Celebrations: Psychiatric Hostel, survive a zombie apocalypse, escape from a monastery, or “terror and cluedo” in which you have to solve a murder in a circus now cursed. All very light, as you can see.

 In Mad4Madrid we are fans of the escape games. We want to try them all!

*Translated by Tarvika Singh

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