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Lambuzo, an Andalusian tavern in downtown Madrid

No time to visit Southern Spain? Not to worry, Andalusia is much closer than you think. In fact, you can reach Cadiz on the Metro de Madrid: Ever heard of Restaurante Lambuzo?

Do you have time to visit Southern Spain? No? Andalusia has a lot to offer (trust us!). There’s nothing like going there and discovering cities like Seville or Granada, getting lost in the streets of its towns, enjoying the sun and the mountains, its art and its delicacies. Oh, its delicacies! To whet your appetite, here is our proposal: taste the gastronomy of Cadiz (a beautiful part of Andalusia) without leaving Madrid.

To achieve this, we must head to Lambuzo, a typical Andalusian tavern located in the center of the capital. Its owners are from there and have brought with them the most authentic and delicious products. Every night it is crowded with people, always a good sign!

To drink you totally want to order a rebujito jug. This typical beverage is made with manzanilla or fine wine mixed with soda. As simple and rich and as it is dangerous -we warned you! It is to be had while very cold and is perfect to accompany tapas.

Speaking of which, some of our favorite are shrimp scampi croquettes (the star of their dishes), cuttlefish of Huelva, bluefin tuna, seasoned potatoes (the so-called “papas aliñás”), anchovies or flamenquín. Depending on your preferences, the dishes can be ordered in three ways: tapa, middle portion or entire dish. This is the most typical but there are many more options for sharing, such as rice, burgers or sausages.

The restaurant is owned by a family, so it is easy to feel at home: they are friendly, kind, attentive… A house decorated with flowers, pictures and Andalusian motifs.

And last but not least: what is the meaning of Lambuzo? It is a “person who likes to eat everything, including his/her companion’s food”.

Are you a Lambuzo? If you weren’t before, you’ll be one after dining here!

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