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La Tita Rivera: Long Live the Bread Bowl

Are you looking for an enchanting terrace to try some delicious flavored ciders and mini-bread bowls? La Tita Rivera is the perfect place to spend your afternoon or evening eating and taking in the lovely Madrid weather.

La Tita Rivera: Long Live the Bread Bowl

La Tita Rivera is such a breath of fresh air in the Chueca area. Not only do they posses the charm and feel of a trendy Malasaña-esque restaurant, the food is up to par too. Really, decorations are great and all, but that’s why there’s a difference between an art museum and a restaurant! Can we get an “amen”!?

This hidden gem is tucked away on a quiet street, and we assumed that going right after the hectic and busy brunch hour, we would be able to enjoy their spectacular terrace with no problem. Fail. La Tita Rivera is packed. Always. We suppose it’s safe to say that people keep coming back for a reason, and we at Mad 4 Madrid wanted to find out just what that reason is. (Spoiler alert: it’s the delicious food and magical terrace).


We happened to get lucky and find a seat on the interior patio. We recommend coming at night because they illuminate the entire space with fairy lights and candles. Either way, we felt like we were about to eat in magical wonderland, which honestly, isn’t a bad feeling to get from a restaurant. The waiters were so attentive, and worked like a well-oiled machine. They seemed to float from one table to the next taking orders.


We started off with two latitas or tiny cans, one of sangria and the other of tinto de verano, a wine and soda mixture aka nectar of the gods. We then ordered a tabla de casis variados. Casis, what the heck are those? Do you like bread? Do you like when the bread is magically transformed into a bowl? Do you like when that bread-shaped bowl is stuffed with delicious goodness? Then you will love casis. Now, mini-those bread bowls so you can eat several in one sitting.We opted for the garlic prawn, chorizo a la sidra, prawn and leek and the tomato and mozzarella. Our favorite by far was the prawn and leek. We’re getting hungry all over again just thinking about it. Then we moved on to the croquetas, fried béchamel stuffed with fried egg and chorizo (again). Are you noticing a pattern here? We like chorizo. These were impeccable and plentiful, too! They were fried perfectly, and not at all greasy or heavy. The star of the show, however, (or should we say stars) was the dessert! Holy guacamole! Okay, excuse our enthusiasm, but cakes and pies, cakes and pies! We ordered the cheesecake and the carrot cake (save your judgement, no regrets here!) The carrot cake came with turrón ice cream that complimented it perfectly and the cheesecake was just a winner all around. We’d come back just to eat cake, seriously. The portions are huge and the price is budget friendly.


Overall, our experience at La Tita was very, very positive and the meal flowed so nicely from one dish to the next. When in doubt, eat cake. Also if you’re up and about on a Saturday morning, check out their brunch options too.



The 1906 is absolutely wonderful, do yourself a favor people!
They're made from Galician potatoes, and are the literal best in the world: they won a world-wide competition. Potatoes make us happy.
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