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La Casa Tomada: Premium Fingerfood with Venezuelan Flavor

Do you want to try new and original flavours? Try the Venezuelan fingerfood of La Casa Tomada. Premium sandwiches for everyone who loves food. The prices are for every budget! And the food, for every gusto!

What a nice surprise with La Casa Tomada. When you walk into a new restaurant you always expect to find something different. Most of the time it’s the same stuff you can find anywhere, but this is not the case at La Casa Tomada. It’s different, really!

The place is brand new and so is the concept. Relaxing atmosphere, really good customer service and of course, the food. I’m talking about flavours. Have you ever experienced new flavours in sandwiches? In La Casa Tomada you will definitely enjoy César Roastbeef, Chicken Italia or the amzing Chili Cheese Fries, an authentic delicacy.

The ingredients are kind of common, but still, the combination that the chef makes in there is unique: cabagge, cilantro, carrot, avocado or just chicken. Everything in the perfect amount.

la casa tomada fingerfood madrid

Fingerfood at La Casa Tomada

This is the place to come hungry. The sandwiches are pretty big and you will have to be able to share or prepare yourself to unbuckle your belt.

We recommend the delicious ‘perro caliente con todo’, one of the most popular and tasty hotdogs in Venezuela brought right to your table.

For dessert? Quesadillas! Do you think we are crazy? We are talking about sweet quesadillas with banana, chocolate of caramelised milk. Great combination and much better taste.

We are talking about premium food, not regular sandwiches, so you need to accompany all this food with a good beer, craft beer to be exact. Better if it’s from Madrid like Mustache.

La Casa Tomada will offer you a great atmosphere, awesome service and incredible food. You can have a look and taste the sandwiches in C/ San Lorenzo, 9 (metro Tribunal, L1 y 10). And don’t forget, make sure you come hungry!

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