La Caleta Taberna Gaditana: Cadiz in the Capital

La Caleta Gaditana is a piece of Cadiz right in the center of Madrid. The food is typical of Andalucia down to the cucuruchos and cazón adobo!

Not everyone can pick up and go to the South of Spain on a whim, that doesn’t mean that we don’t spend the rest of the year wishing we could! The music, the food, the architecture, and again, we repeat: the food! There are several restaurants in Madrid that specialize in Andalucian cuisine, and we’ve even written about one in particular called Lambuzo; however, who gets tired of fried fish? Not us!


The portion sizes at La Caleta are humongous! We were both impressed and intrigued. Some of the shining stars on the menu are the prawn pancakes or, tortitas de camarones, the fried soupfin shark or cazón adobo, and the patatas aliñadas, and carne mechá or pork chops with garlic and laurel. Something to note is that most of the dishes or fried fish such as the calamari, the fried cuttlefish and the sardines, are served in cucuruchos or paper cones. The table is also covered with paper, and this makes eating there fun and easy to share with friends and family. So, don’t hold back! This is the way things are done in Cadiz, and it’s good enough for us in the Capital too.


The decor is simple because the food is the star of La Caleta without a doubt. This is a no frills restaurant made for foodies. The noise level can get quite high, so we recommend going in smaller groups, or as a couple, and always, always make a reservation for late evening or weekend dates. The accept credit cards, which is a saving grace because if you’re anything like us, you’ll just keep ordering round after round of delicious, tasty seafood from La Caleta.


The menu is a simple chalkboard with the specialties written on them. The prices range from 7 euros to 14 euros. As for variety, you can find fried cuttlefish, calamari, and fried sardines. Some of the other things you’ll find at La Caleta are:

puntillas, boquerones, calamares, sardinas, chocos, pijotas, gambas, croquetas, queso con membrillo. Yum! Again, if you like seafood fried to perfection, we can’t recommend La Caleta enough. When you try it, let us know how you like it!





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