La Bobia: Asturian Cuisine in La Latina

If you’re in La Latina, you can’t miss the twinkling lights of one very special restaurant. Make a pitstop and try delicious dishes from Asturias and beyond. Regional Spanish cuisine with a vintage Hollywood flair. Ding! Ding!

There’s no shortage of restaurants to try in Madrid; however, that won’t slow us down here at Mad4Madrid! We enjoy the finer things in life: good food, good wine, and even better company. We were cruising down Calle San Millán, the street that links Tirso de Molina and La Latina, when we saw literal big, bright lights that resembled that of an Old Hollywood movie. Ding! Ding! We were sold. Come to find out, it’s an Asturian restaurant that has recently reopened its doors. It was well known in the 80’s, but has a new owner, and a fresh, and hip, Asturian make-over.

Croquetas Cabrales La Bobia via- Danni
Croquetas Cabrales La Bobia


What do we have to eat?

Their menu is straight-forward and extremely appetizing. For example, they offer traditional plates such as: tortilla asturiana (tortilla de patatas con chorizo), tartar de salmón con aguacate (salmon tartare with avocado) ensaladilla rusa con gambones) and croquetas de calamar en su tinta (squid croquetas). They’ve taken on an element of fusion as well, and serve up delicious dishes like cuban sandwiches, quesadillas, and green apple gazpacho.


When we went, the terraza was almost full, but we managed to snag a table near the awesome and bright mural. The waiter was peppy, and knowledgeable about the menu which helps loads because we had a few questions. We finally decided to get a taste of everything, well, almost everything: the tortilla asturiana, croquetas cabrales, and the cuban sandwich with lacón, and smoked cheese. We topped everything off with a bottle of natural sidra, of course. They bring a really cool machine to your table to pour it automatically; however, if you’d rather pour it traditionally, you can simply ask.


The inside of the restaurant is just a beautiful as the outside! It’s well-lit, combines a bit of old and a bit of new with the tiles and wood floors, and there’s one common theme that ties it all together. Can you guess? Sidra, of course! There are bottles and barrels everywhere you look. If you look too quickly, it’s easy to miss the fact that they aren’t simply a fiber house, but a restaurant with a menu of the day, as well as tapas, and raciones. It’s easy to spend a couple of hours here drinking the deliciousness from Asturias, aka, sidra. At only 3,95€ a bottle, your wallets will thank you too!


La Bobia is a bar that makes you feel at home, and like one of the regulars. The staff is open and friendly, the terrace is just the right size, and the open layout of the restaurant makes it really easy to make friends, especially after a few bottles of sidra. We recommend this place for couples, and small groups of friends as most things on the menu are mad


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