Intercambios Madrid: Meet People, Drink Beer, Attempt to Speak

Language Meetups are very popular in Madrid, we found that that out pretty quickly.

Intercambios Madrid: Meet People, Drink Beer, Attempt to Speak

What is intercambio? That depends. For some, it’s a way to practice their language skills, for others it’s an excuse to go out and meet people. There are so many language exchanges that go on in Madrid every week. Some are more commercialized, offering drinks and dance classes before or after, but many are strictly for those wanting to expand their language skills. Whatever route you choose, we have tried four already, which can also be found on the Meetup App or on Facebook:

  • Multilinkual Meetup with David MKL: David, the host, sets out to create a language meetup for every night in the week except Saturdays. He is a really friendly guy, and has been doing the meetups for more than 5 years now. Teamed with Multilinkual, this language group meets across three different locations in Madrid. It is free, however, there is also a one hour conversational class that you can take beforehand, which is about 5€. There are always people who show up for every meeting throughout the week, for example, David, the host. Everyone likes David because he makes newcomers feel welcome.
Where & When: Tuesdays: 22:00, El Parnasillo del Príncipe, Príncipe 33, (Antón Martín)
Thursdays & Sundays: 22:00, Beer Station, Santo Domingo 22 (Callao/ Santo Domingo)
Fridays: around 20:00, Cine Ideal y/o 22h La Cruz de Malta Pub, Victoria 3 (beside Puerta del Sol)


  • Madrid Language Exchange @ Inpass Café– Inpass Café is located halfway between Sol and Gran Via, it is a bar that specializes in very colorful cocktails and tropical mixed drinks and has a hookah(the American name) or shisha (the European name) area on the second floor. On Fridays, the crowd is usually students and people passing by the city or on a trip already. On Sundays, it changes to mainly people sitting down in the lounge area, although there are some people who still prefer to mingle standing up. The atmosphere is laid back, and typically an older crowd gathers here.
Where & When: Fridays & Sundays: 22:00, Inpass Café, Calle de las Tres Cruces, 8 (Wedged between Gran Via and Sol)


  • Meet & Speak @ Plaza España– This meetup is in a bar. This is like speed dating for meetups. When you walk in there you get an assigned flag based on where you’re from. There is bar area set up with current drink specials and tapas. By the end of the night, most people end up wearing random flags on their forehead taken from newly acquired friends.
Where & When: Thursdays: 21:30, Soho Club, (Plaza de España/Santo Domingo)


  • Great Wednesday & Sunday Language Exchange– Located smack dab in the middle of Opera, this meetup is huge. Everyone knows it by the name: MadridBabel Language Exchange. It’s almost like a club event because you have the opportunity to interact and socialize with a lot of people. Presumably the largest language meetup that happens on a weekday in Madrid, MadridBabel attracts all kinds of people, venturing out to meet people and have a couple of drinks. Don’t get us wrong, you are still able to practice different languages but be prepared to meet a lot of people and who knows maybe a life long friend.
Where & When: Wednesdays: 20:30, La Extréntrica, Calle de Las Fuentes 10, (Opera, duh)
                                                                 Sundays: 19:00, La Excéntrica, Calle de Las Fuentes 10, (Opera)



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    Hungarians in Madrid
    A couple of hungarian boys are visiting me soon and i wonder if there is anywhere where they can feel home, any bar 🙂