Indian Food: Where to find actual Indian Food??

Craving for some Spicy Indian Food? Want to enjoy an Authentic Indian Meal? Check out our article to discover some places to find good Indian Cuisine!

Indian Food: Where to find actual Indian Food??

Indian food is praised for its curries, mouth-burning spices and complex flavor pairings. Of course Madrid offers many places to enjoy the delicious Indian Cuisine but at the same time not all of them are authentic! For this purpose we bring top two places to enjoy real authentic food in Madrid!


Curry Masala

Curry Masala brings us the most traditional Indian Food with all its flavors. Above all it is formed by professionals with a long career in the field of hospitality and gastronomy. Situated in the heart of Madrid city. This restaurant will welcome you with exotic aromas & a friendly staff. The place is decently decorated & is ideal for big groups as well. Moreover their service is fast. 

For appetizers they offer for example Sabzi PakoraVegetable Samosa to Aloo Tikki & many more. They have a wide range of Currys available. They offer Currys of Fish, ChickenVegetables & Lamb. If you want to try out some spicy currys this is the place. Their Chicken Madras, Murg Vindaloo along with Chana Masala are some of the spicy ones they offer. And for the sweet tooth in you they have four special Indian Postres available. We would reccommend you to try their Pistacho Kulfi & Mango Lassi. Furthermore they have a Lunch Menu available for 10,95 €. Also, you can reserve online and enjoy a whopping discount of 35%.

Location: Calle Silva, 16, 28004, Madrid

Metro: Santo Domingo

Hours: Mon-Thurs: 13h-16h & 20h-23:30h
Fri-Sat & Sun: 13h-16h & 20h-24h

Telephone: 91 523 45 70

Arpit Indian Restaurant


In Arpit Indian Restaurant they offer the most typical Indian food with Anglo-Saxon flair. That they have mixed over the years with the Hindu gastronomic culture. An Indian cuisine of the most innovative nature. This place is beautifully decorated with lamps & mirrors along with floral themed wall decor. They offer a huge seating space making it ideal for big groups. They also have an outside seating options available. Situated in a residential area this place is perfect for exploring the Indian Cuisine for all those who are living far away from the centre of the city.

For appetizers they offer from Vegetable Cutlet, Onion Bhaji to Chicken Samosa & many more. Likewise, they also offer wide range of Currys including Fish, Vegetable, Lamb & Chicken. You should definitely try their Chicken Jalfrezi, Traditional Raganjosh Mixed Vegetable (spicy). In addition to currys they also offer some Tandoori Especials like Seekh KebabJhinga TandooriKathi Roll, etc. And to satisfy our quench they have a wide variety of drinks available. Beer, Wine, Vodka, Tea you name it and they have it. Furthermore they have a Lunch Menu available for 10,95 €. And a Tasting menu available for 24,95 € (pers).

Location: Calle María Tubau, 19, 28050, Madrid

Cercanías: Fuencarral (C4)

Hours: Mon-Thurs: 13h-16h & 20h-23:30h
Fri-Sat & Sun: 13h-16h & 20h-24h

Telephone: 91 819 50 90


To conclude both these places offer rich homemade Indian Food. They are impeccable in the services they provide. Even more the staff will help you decide your order and they can explain you all that they offer in their menu. Both these places are spacious and you can always visit these places with your family & friends.


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  • Vic

    there are 100’s of restaurants, They all are from bangladesh but sell food using Indian names. Its not the Same.

    There are two more you can find. Ganges, and Tandoori station

    • Rebeca Sanz Muniz

      Oh Hey Vic Thank you for the suggestions. We will consider them in our next article.
      Hope you liked our picks!

  • Jason Turner

    Indian food has become internationally famous now. One can Taste Indian food outside India easily now. With online spice stores like you can get fresh aromatic spices at home and cook Indian food at home as well.

    • Rebeca Sanz Muniz

      Thank you for the link Jason, we will definitely take a look at it.