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Madrid 24-Hour Pharmacies

Here are some of the Madrid Pharmacies that are 24 hours. We’ve included a few phrases to know that’ll come in handy in a pinch.

Madrid 24-Hour Pharmacies

If you’re in Madrid for the weekend, a day, or long-term this is an article that will be very helpful. It never hurts to know where the 24-hour pharmacies are in the city, and lucky for you they’re plentiful! All of these locations are open and attended by pharmacists until the early hours of the morning; however, some times, at night, they serve clients through a glass door instead of opening the shop like during normal operational hours.

In pharmacies in Madrid, you can find everything from medicine, hygiene products like deodorants, hair brushes, or ankle braces to perfumes and lotions. Like in the rest of the world, pharmacies are marked by a green cross. If its lights are on, naturally, the pharmacy is open. You can see them from miles away.

There are also pharmacies that even though they aren’t 24-hours, open their doors once a week. These are called “farmacias de guardia”. So if your favorite pharmacy is closed upon your arrival, check the sign on the door because they will list the “farmacia de guardia” from that neighborhood. You can just as easily check them out online too at the Colegio Oficial de Farmacéuticos de Madrid. 

One of the best things about Spain is how knowledgable and helpful the pharmacists are! The ones that we’ve met have always gone above and beyond to get to the root of the issue in order to give you the best solution. Many drugs that perhaps require a prescription in the United States are available over-the-counter in Spain.


  • If you have a prescription medicine that you take at home, and do not want to stray from make sure you have enough to last the entire trip.
  • If your stay is longer than 3 months, ask your doctor for the generic name for these medications, and check if they exist in Spain in both languages.
  • Bring an actual prescription with you to show to the pharmacists.

Here are some useful expressions in Spanish to describe your symptoms:

  • My head hurts: Me duele la cabeza
  • I feel ill: Me encuentro mal.
  • Do you sell ibuprofen: ¿Venden ibuprofeno?
  • I have a fever: Tengo fiebre.
  • I have the flu: Tengo fiebre.
  • I have a cough: Estoy resfriado.
  • I am not sleeping well: No estoy durmiendo bien.
  • I’m congested: Estoy congestionado.
  • My throat hurts: Me duele la garganta.
  • I have a cold: Estoy resfriado
  • I have allergies: Tengo alergia a…
  • I have a stomachache: Me duele el estómago
  • I have acid in my stomach: Tengo acidez en el estómago
  • There’s a burning in my stomach: Tengo ardor en el estómago
  • I have a rash on my arm: Tengo un sarpullido en el brazo.
  • I’ve got a burn on my skin: Me he quemado la piel
  • Do you have suncream with an SPF of 30, 40, or 50? ¿Tienen crema solar factor 30 / 40 / 50?
  • Do you carry this brand of medicine?: ¿Disponen de este medicamento?
  • I’m allergic to Aspirin: Soy alérgico a la aspirina.
  • Do you have something to cure love?: ¿Tienen algo que cure el amor? =P


Madrid Pharmacies:

1. Farmacia Lopez Laguna

Calle Velazquez, 70

28001 Madrid

Tel: 915-756-028
Barrio: Salamanca

2. Farmacia Sexta Avenida

Avenida de la Victoria, 2

Centro Commercial Sexta Avenida

El Plantío – 28023 Madrid
Tel: 913-728-818

Barrio: Centro/Sol

3. Habana 7

Paseo de la Habana, 7

28036 Madrid

Tel: 915-612-244

Barrio: El Viso

4. Farmacia 24h Goya 89

Calle Goya, 89
28001 Madrid (Madrid)
Tel: 914-354-958

Barrio: Salamanca/Goya

5. Farmacia Astura 24h

Calle Francisco Silvela, 36

28028 Madrid

Tel: 913-563-573

Barrio: Lista/Guindalera

6. Alcala 173

Calle Alcala, 173 – Corner of Montesa

28009 Madrid

Tel: 914-013-639

Barrio: Goya

7. Farmacia Central Santa María de la Cabeza

Paseo de Santa María de la Cabeza, 64

Madrid, 28045

Phone: 914 73 06 72
Barrio: Palos de la Frontera
8. Farmacia Paseo de las Acacias
Paseo Acacias, 69
Phone: 914 74 47 82
Barrio: Arganzuela
9. Farmacia Avenida de Andalucia
Avda. de Andalucía, km 6,400, 28041 Madrid
Phone: 917 23 77 31Barrio: Orcasur


A list of all 24-hour pharmacies in Madrid. Be careful: some are para-pharmacies online, not based out of stores.


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