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Carnet Joven: Youth Card

Get some insight into the benefits that Madrid provides for its Youth population. This article will shed some light on Carnet Joven, a youth card that has many advantages for its holders.

Carnet Joven: Youth Card


Madrid has a lot of possibilities available for young people living here, to name one Carnet Joven. It is basically a Youth Card that helps you enjoy various benefits that comes with obtaining this card.

What is Carnet Joven?

The Carnet Joven (Youth Card) is an initiative of the Directorate General of Youth and Sports of the Community of Madrid and Caixa Bank that allows young residents of the Community of Madrid, aged between 14 and 30 years, to enjoy multiple advantages and discounts in different services. These advantages are not only focused on the Community of Madrid. If you are the holder of the Youth Card you will also enjoy the advantages offered by the other autonomous communities and the more than 37 European countries adhering to the Youth Card.

What are the Advantages of Carnet Joven?

Where to start? They offer discounts on Housing, Food & Drinks, Shopping, Sports, Arts & Culture, Courses, Health Services, Transport and many more. To name a few when you go to a rooftop bar you can get a discount on the entry price by showing your carnet joven. The best one is a whopping discount on Student Insurance which you can only get with your carnet joven. What else lets see, Starbucks (certain locations), yes we will even get a discount there. Not to forget museums, free & discounted entries there as well. Let me round up with discounts on ALSA & Renfe, cutting down your traveling expenses!

To know more about the advantages of getting this card click here.

How to get it?

They best way to do it & also the fastest is in person. But they do have an apply online option available.

Step 1: Download this form or get it in person at the office, fill it and pay it in any branch of Caixa Bank nearby you. It’s only 4€.

Step 2: Prepare the original & a photocopy of your ID / Passport / Resident Card.

Step 3: Check the hours of the centres mentioned below & go in person without any cita required. Present the ID proof & the form (paid) & they will give it to you on the spot.


  • Youth Office Community of Madrid / 88, Fernando el Católico St. (Moncloa)

Opening times: April-September: Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 19:00. October-May: Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 14:00.

  • Youth Office Community of Madrid / 1, Recoletos St. 1st Floor (Recoletos, Colón)

Opening times: Monday to Friday from 09:00 to 14:00.


Easy to get card with so many benefits to enjoy from.

To know more about the card & its benefits check out their official website

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