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Got Cravings? Specialty Restaurants and Shops in Madrid

Got the munchies? The Mad4Madrid team has picked their brains and compiled a list of our biggest cravings, and where to find them in Madrid. Gastric satisfaction is just a click away.

We all have those moments when we think to ourselves… ‘HMPH, I could really go for some ______’ Right or wrong? Well you may be visiting Madrid, or living in the longterm and still not know where to find some of these things. The Mad4Madrid team has picked their brains and compiled a list of our biggest cravings, and in turn, researched where to find it in Madrid. We know that it would be impossible to include every single craving… but we tried! On that note, let’s keep this list growing! Add your favorite spots in the comments section!

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Craving: Gourmet Popcorn

Where to go: Fol Gourmet Popcorn 

What: At Fol, you can find things like margarita pizza popcorn, or After Eight popcorn with mint and dark chocolate. There are a variety of sizes ranging fro the 2€ cone to larger bags! Insider tip: There´s an ice cream machine, so if your craving is next level, you can have popcorn with your ice cream. MIND BLOWN.


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Craving: Hummus

Where to go: La Hummusería 

What: This quaint locale in the city center sells fresh, homemade… you guessed it: hummus! There are many different varieties apart from the classic flavor such as hummus with lemon, hummus with pine nuts and almonds, one with sauteed mushrooms, and even one with green tahini. There’s a menu of the day option too which has a great price overall!


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Craving: Tiramisu

Where to go: Medri El Mundo de Tiramisu

What: Plain and simple Tiramisu goodness, that´s what! The plates are homemade and made with fresh ingredients. You can order the classic coffee flavor here, but they also have a berry flavor, lemon, coconut with nutella and strawberry. The average price is about 3,50€ and  upwards!


cereal hunters

Craving: Cereal

Where to go: Cereal Hunters Café

Thanks us later. Are you craving a cold bowl of Cap’n’Crunch (with or without berries)? At this café you can order your favorite childhood or current favorite cereal, as they have the largest selection that you’ll find in Spain including some limited editions! There’s also variety when it comes to milk: almond, soy, chocolate, without lactose. The fun doesn’t stop there, depending on your sweet tooth, you can also add toppings! You order the cereal by bowl size, so it’s perfectly suited to your needs.


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Craving: Bao

Where to go: Bao Bar Madrid 

At Bao Bar in Malasaña you can grab freshly made, piping hot bai buns ranging from Korean chicken, to duck, to falafel with mint and halloumi cheese. The average price is around 3,50€ and with two or three buns, you should be full. It’s not a sit down and eat all day type of locale, as they mostly have bar seating, but it is a great stop over if yo u’re in the city center!


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Craving: Hot Dogs

Where to go: Paperboy Perrito Bar

This charming place in the Azca neighborhood is a hidden gem. There are a variety of hot dogs available and each one dons the name of a famous newspaper. For example, the New York Times which has cheddar cheese, caramelized onions, crispy bacon and BBQ sauce (5,2€). YOu can choose what kind of sausage that you prefer too: Bratwurst, Frankfurt, Chicago -beef-, Fricandele – chicken- and Tofu. To accompany your dog, they also sell french fries and tequeños which are fried mozarella sticks with a savory sauce on the side.



Craving: Popsicles

Where to go: Lolo Polos Artesanos

They are made daily with fresh fruits and vegetables. Yes, you read correctly: vegetables! Everyday, a new variety depending on the season, no artificial ingredients, which means they couldn’t be any healthier. As it turns out, there’s also very little ice because 70% of the popsicle is fruit and a little sugar, two or three teaspoons depending on the ingredients of each recipe. This is very important: most of the popsicles are made with ingredients perfectly suitable for those with gluten intolerance. In any case, ask at the store and they will point out which you can and cannot have. Each one costs 2,95€. No, there’s not very cheap like the mainstream brands that you will find in bars all over Spain, but believe us when we tell you that they’re big, generous portions and take a while to eat. Since they’re so healthy, they´re perfect when you’re feeling a bit peckish, or matar el gusanillo.


What are you craving today? 

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