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Goiko Grill: A Hamburger Lover´s Dreamland

If you´ve been wandering these winding streets of Madrid with an empty belly and cravings for big, stacked, juicy burgers we may have found the cure! Goiko Grill in Barrio Salamanca has hamburgers that dreams are made of.

This week we finally made our way to fairly well-known Goiko Grill in search of one of their unique and stacked burgers. It´s a bit off of the beaten path if you´re accustomed to moving in the very center, however, the area is posh, fast-moving and has its charms. Goiko, at least the one we visited, is located in the Salamanca neighborhood at Calle María de Molina on the other side of Paseo de la Castellana; however, there are two other locations so you can choose the one that best suits you.

Goiko Grill

The restaurant itself has a tiny sidewalk terrace that can seat about 10 people, which will most certainly come in handy this summer. The interior has tables and a bar area as well. The decor is a bit rustic with the hanging flowers, wood and exposed metal. There are black and white photos, hanging lights and decorations that take the diner on a trip down memory lane. There´s a television that at the time showed how they elaborate their delicious burgers, and that was temptation enough; by the time the friendly waiter arrived, we were ready to order everything and to be honest, we almost did.

Pigma Burger
Pigma Burger

Although our waiter advised against ordering the onion rings and a burger because they come with hearty fries, we were up for a challenge. The onion rings are the best we´ve had in Madrid: crispy, not too overpowering, and the best part– there were actual onions inside. They really were fried to perfection. The barbecue sauce was also a great touch.

Onion Rings
Onion Rings

One of us ordered the “Pigma” burger which dons bacon, a fried egg, American cheese and mayo, all with a beef patty. It´s very, very hearty and filling. The fries are well-seasoned and huge! The quarters of potatoes, not the dainty fries you may have seen at your local fast food restaurant. As for the burgers, you can choose from beef, fried chicken patty, chicken breast, pulled pork or vegan, then modify the burger to your liking. The other opted for the vegan burger which is made of couscous and vegetables and this time we went for the “Aita” which has Idiazábal cheese, peppers, and truffle oil. To be honest, the selling point of the vegan burger were the delicious toppings. The texture of the vegan burger was not the best at all, it was more of a mash than a burger patty and instantly fell apart. That doesn´t take anything away from the taste however. The huge selling point is that almost the entire menu is open to the non-meat eaters by simply switching the patties for a vegan one.

The dining experience at Goiko Grill was fantastic and the customer service was impeccable. The food tasted like real food: fresh, hearty and flavorful. The ambience was chill and the music wasn´t too distracting. That´s to say that we held conversation in between stuffing our faces.

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