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Go to the Movies, Stay in your Car: Autocine de Madrid

Madrid has opened its first Outdoor Cinema. We were eager to find out all about this new in-car experience and have some info to share about our visit!

Go to the Movies, Stay in your Car: Autocine de Madrid

Who said autocines were out of style? Only a few months ago the first autocine of the community arrived in Madrid and we´re ecstatic. It’s everything you would usually do when going to the regular movies, except you stay in your car. We´re hooked. This is the new Madrid Race Autocine that opened its doors at the end of February. Its “now showing” schedule is not like that of a regular cinema because  only one film is screened per week. There will also be film thematic cycles, short films and festivals. At the end of the weekend sessions, they will reserve the space for concerts of bands and to broadcast live concerts in streaming.

The Experience

We recommend you arrive with enough time in advance. The website has information on how to get there. The cars are arranged in semicircle in front of the screen, so that the larger and taller vehicles, like vans, are parked on the side. Once you have reached your place, turn off the lights and the engine. Do not lose your ticket! The audio of the movies is heard inside the cars by tuning the radio station indicated on them.

In total there are 350 parking spaces and we have been notified that there will be an area of ​​seats in the front row for those who want to go on motorcycle, bike and even on foot (although, feel free to glare at these latter guests, the whole point is to be in the car, hello!).  When you get hungry, and you will, nothing gives in to our cravings more than to see a movie by car, so imagine this – you have a great gastronomic options inside the enclosure. Behind the parking area are popcorn and beverage stands, food trucks and even a typical “American diner”.

What they sell, and in addition, ticket prices, are cheaper than most cinemas in Madrid, since it costs € 7 for adults on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. From Friday to Sunday it’s € 8 adults and € 4.5 children. On Wednesdays, since it is the day of the spectator, it costs € 4.5 for adults and € 4 for children. In addition, there are discounts for those who have a university card, youth card, large families or unemployed.

This summer this THE PLAN! You can see here Gru 3, Baby Driver or Pulp Fiction. Consult the billboard.

For more information, check out their site. 

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