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Fox in a Box: Put Your Thinking Cap On

Fox in a Box is an escape game where you and 4 friends are put in a room and left alone for 60 minutes to save the world. Do you have what it takes? Are you observant, and a critical thinker? How well do you communicate? Put these skills to the test, and give Fox in a Box a go!

Madrid is a huge city known for a few notable things such as its restaurants, high cuisine, lively night scene, and the rich history of culture and architecture. It’s amazing, really. Between the bars, the terraces, and the rooftops, you could literally spend all day soaking up the sun and the cañas, of course. You can lounge around in one of the stunning parks, or be wowed and amazed in one of the many art galleries or museums. These types of activities are plentiful and easy to come by. What we want to talk to you about is a group activity that doesn’t involve food or drink. What!? I know, it’s crazy!! Sergio, the owner, opened this exciting addition only a few months ago. We recommend calling in order to reserve, just in case they’re busy running the two games.


Escape games.

Fox in a Box - Zombie Lab
Fox in a Box – Zombie Lab

It sounds like the sequel to Taken, but we promise it’s not as intense as it sounds. When your boss asks if you want to try an escape game, all you can do is scratch your head and say, “sure, why not?” That’s exactly what we did. The concept is very simple: you and up to 4 of your friends or colleagues are in a room. You have 60 minutes to solve a puzzle among the 5 of you. Each puzzle has a theme you can choose. In the case of Fox in a Box, an escape game located in Chueca, you can either save the world from zombies in their Zombie Apocalypse or survive WWIII in an army bunker. The Zombie puzzle is more complex than the WWIII bunker; however, the lovely people at Fox in a Box speak English perfectly, so if you have any questions, ask away. Either way, you must use your surroundings, touch things, move things, add, subtract, deduce, in order to find clues that will lead you one step closer to the goal.

Fox in a Box - Bunker
Fox in a Box – Bunker

We opted for the zombie apocalypse. There was a bit of math, a bit of chemistry, a bit of blood on the floors, and a ton of fun. These games work best when everyone is in character, and communicates efficiently. You get to know your teammates’ personalities, how they react under pressure and stress, and you also get an idea of their strengths and weaknesses. It’s a wonderful and fun way to interact with friends! We have to warn you though, you have to think, and think hard! We wrote an article about other escape games throughout the city, as this trend is really taking off. That said, Fox in a Box is right near our offices, and we really wanted to give it a try.

There’s not too much that we can’t to say about Fox in a Box because naturally, we don’t want to ruin any surprises or give away any clues. The price of the game session is divided among the amount of people playing. They also provide either a lab coat, or a camp jacket to help you get into the scene. The room itself is decorated to the nines! You genuinely feel like you’re in a laboratory. The experience at Fox in a Box was so positive and exhilarating, it’s almost certain that we will be returning soon. Come ready, and come rested, and most importantly dear readers: come with your thinking caps on, because it’s a long, hilarious, and bumpy ride.

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