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All Food Markets in Madrid

In Madrid there is almost no market left where you cannot sit down and have tapas, rations, wines and beers. Among the most classic stalls such as butcher shops, poultry shops or greengrocers, there are authentic gastronomic temples that have nothing to envy to any restaurant. And in Mad4Madrid, instead of telling you the best 5, we tell you all there is in the city!

All Food Markets in Madrid

Madrid means good cuisine and quality cuisine. Walking through its streets is to find multiple corners where you can sit and enjoy yourself. And since a few years ago, its more traditional and traditional markets, those to which the Madrid grandmothers went to make their purchases, have undergone a transformation along with the city. Now they are more than just a market. They are a temple dedicated to tapas, beers and wines.

In Mad4Madrid we have chosen NOT to make a top 5, or the top 10 list, since we love all the markets of our city. For that reason, we gather in this article all (yes, you have read well, ALL) the gastronomic markets of Madrid. You’re welcome!

San Miguel Market: Downtown

Located next to the Plaza Mayor it has become the most touristic market in the entire city. We warn you: the prices are somewhat higher but their products have a lot of quality. It is also a place with great beauty and example of Spanish Iron architecture. Inside you will find stalls of meat, fish, fruits and vegetables mixed with specific stalls of tapas, sausages, bars with wines and beers, sangria and cocktails. Prepare your camera because there are so many colors and beautiful places that you will want to take pictures of without stopping.

More details on their website.

Market of San Antón: Chueca

A few years ago, this market changed all its image and organization and today it is one of those places where locals meet to have tapas and take the opportunity to go shopping. In the lower floor you will find a supermarket, the first floor all the product stalls you can imagine: fruits, fish, meat, poultry, cold meats, cheeses … And going up to the second floor, the thematic stalls. There is a Greek restaurant, one of the Canary Islands, one Italian, one focused on foie … Each visit is to discover a new one. But it does not end there! On the roof there is a restaurant with nice views overlooking the Chueca neighborhood.

Are you curious about them? Read more on their website.

Mercado de San Ildefonso: Malasaña

Although it is smaller and almost goes unnoticed from Calle Fuencarral, it is another of the most popular. Its 3 floors are full of places to eat and drink differently, depending on the country of the stall. You will see arepas, ceviches, ramen, ham, croquettes There is no sale of products (meat, fish …) but it does not matter. Their prices are also high and we recommend choosing beer or glass of wine better than cocktails or combined because the prices can surprise you a lot. The advantages: that there are 2 terraces, parking and they celebrate events.

For more information go to

Mercado de San Fernando: Lavapiés

Lavapiés’ life-long market has also been revolutionized by the rage of “going to have something at the market”. And until a few years ago here were the normal shops of meat, fruit or fish that now coexist with a Greek stall (do not miss his musaka), a Japanese, an Asturian … Even a position where you can buy books by weight. In addition, in its central square there are various activities on weekends: concerts, storytelling for children, workshops for learning to make soap, etc. It is not the most beautiful, neither inside nor outside, but its prices are the best and the quality is second to none. We love!

In you will discover more about them.

Mercado de Los Mostenses: Centro

Behind Gran Vía, very close to Plaza de España is one of the most central markets but unknown by the locals themselves. It’s not pretty either, but among its stalls selling “normal” products you can find Chinese fruit shops or juice shops and the first restaurants that have been encouraged to open. And they are the most international! There are Peruvians, Chinese, Chifa cuisine (which mixes Peru with Asia), and a long etcetera. Enter a market that flees from the posh and that is yet to be discovered.

Watch their story to know more.

Mercado de Vallehermoso: Chamberí

Since 1930 its doors are open in one of the most traditional neighborhoods such as Chamberí. And since a few years ago, fresh products are mixed with stalls like La Virgen, dedicated 100% to craft beer, to Asian cuisine such as Kitchen 154 or an Argentine grill. The novelty is its Gallery of producers, where 22 local producers (that is to say, that are not more than 120km). Put on sale their delight: tomatoes, freshly brought from the garden, authentic chocolate, coffee. beers, etc. All made with sustainable techniques and crafts.

Enter their page and discover more.

Mercado de la Paz

Situated in the neighborhood of Salamanca since 1882. Of course, this market has not lost pace although its clientele has changed a lot. Now there is a mix between the ladies shopping & the curious people who visit to taste fresh Italian products, Venezuelan cuisine, croquettes, etc. But there’s more: they sell the press, there’s a jewellery store, a clothing store and even a dry cleaner. Everything you need in your shopping cart and in your leisure agenda without leaving this market.

You can see all the details on their website.

Mercado de Chamberí

As soon as you enter you will see the usual stalls with all the products perfectly placed and, in the background, a space named “La Chispería” where delegations of restaurants like Lambuzo, El Rincón de Lupe or Chambí meet. And both spaces blend perfectly, creating a great space where you can have a drink with tapas.

Do you need more info? Visit their web.

Mercado de Barceló: Tribunal

Next to the Tribunal metro station, this market is hidden inside a modern building. And we say that it hides because no one can guess the wide variety of stalls that are inside. From a herbalist, to cheese factories, a bookstore, a laundry, fresh Italian pasta, pastry shops … And at the top, the Barceló Food Market with food stalls of different restaurants. Tired of the hipster and vintage sites of Malasaña? Here you have the alternative.

More details on their website.

Mercado de Maravillas

This “wonderful” market gathers poultry, deli or greengrocers with food stores, shoe stores, herbalists, etc. And bars, do not miss them! Go through the news stand to take a vermouth, take some churros in Raypi or Daymo to taste a good omelet.

The web of Mercado Maravillas awaits you.

Mercado de Moncloa

Another great stranger, perhaps because he is somewhat further away. But it is a very cool gastronomic and cultural space. Chinese food, a grocery store, a 0% gluten restaurant, or a “secret” restaurant. From breakfast to dinner through the afterwork, you can enjoy many experiences in this market and their exhibitions or performances.

You want to know more? We link you to their website.

El Huerto de Lucas

In the center there is an orchard of 450m2 that creates authentic fans. Find hundreds of references of fresh and packaged organic products. You can make your complete purchase by filling your cart in their open stalls. And in their canteen you can eat or have a delicious and strong brunch. At the cafetería you can have breakfast or snacks. And everything, everything, comes from the garden and from the local producers that sell their products there. A place to stay! Because it is also very beautiful and nature is the protagonist of its decoration.

For more information consult their web page.

Platea: Serrano

Located at the beginning of the Serrano area, you have never been to market so beautiful. It has a stage! Its different floors houses shops where you can fill your basket and small restaurants where you can have drinks, tapas or dinner while you enjoy the shows that are staged in Platea. On the highest floor there is a restaurant from which you can enjoy the panoramic view. And this old cinema can not be more special now. We love it!

You can see all the details on their website.

You already know: Madrid is full of markets and they are the most chic of the moment. Which ones do you know? Tell us in a comment below! And if you want to recommend one more that we have forgotten, go ahead! See you at the markets.

*Translated by Tarvika Singh

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