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Fellina, new Italian Restaurant in Madrid

Fellina is a new Italian Restaurant serving up traditional recipes and modern recipes. Located in Chamberí, it’s a great place to relax and enjoy a lovely evening with great a ambience and company.

Fellina is a new Italian Restaurant in Madrid and is located in the Hipster area of Alonso Martinez. Don’t worry about feeling cramped or claustrophobic because the restaurant is very big. It has two levels with large dining areas. The decor of the restaurant is industrial chic. The ambience of Fellina is very calm, relaxing, and romantic.

Let’s get down to business, the food. 

First and foremost there are endless options for both meat lovers and vegetarians alike.  Fellina offers different types of fresh pasta, cheeses, and bread.


When you are seated you are greeted with a plate of cheese and ham (or just cheese for the vegetarians) and given time to look at the menu and order. The cheese has a very strong taste and is definitely worth trying but if you are not a fan of strong cheeses this cheese might not be for you. The choice of appetizers are in abundance, from different cheese plates, salads, and breads.

Yummy, yummy in our tummy.

We got the garlic focaccio and it was delicious.

Main Course

Ordering your main dish might take some time because the there are so many choices to choose from. After debating what to try we were able to narrow down our choices and finally decided to try a lasagna and pizza.

We thought to try a vegetable lasagna to see if it would be flavorable and enjoyable for our vegetarian friends. The layers of the lasagna consisted of eggplant, zucchini, red and yellow peppers, tomatoes, and cheese. A pesto and some seasoning was drizzled over the top of the lasagna. If you are an eggplant and zucchini lover this dish is for you but if not then you might want to stay clear because the taste of the two vegetables overpowers the rest of the dish. Eating the garlic bread with the lasagna turns this good dish into a delicious dish. The garlic from the bread helps to marry the flavors of veggies together as well as gives it more seasoning.

The second dish we tried was a pizza dish. Now looking back at the menu while writing this review, we realized that we didn’t read the menu properly. We thought we were ordering a regular pizza but on the menu a clearly says fried pizza. Somehow we overlooked where it said fried so when it came out looking like a fluffy donut/pastry we looked at each other in shock. After realizing that indeed this was our “pizza” we were ready to jump in and give it a try.

The look of the pizza makes you think of a fluffy pastry you can’t wait to bit into. The waitress cuts the pizza into strips for you before leaving you to dig in. The first piece we tried were the ends of the pizza and to our surprise it really did taste like a fluffy pastry. With each slice brought us closer to the center and closer to the taste of what you would assume pizza should taste like. The middle of the pastry pizza had the classic flavors of pizza tomato sauce, some basil, mozzarella cheese ( which made it nice and gooey). Because it was fried and had all the gooey deliciousness in the center, the pastry in the center got soggy. We suggest that you start eating in the center to avoid having to eat soggy slices.

Doesn’t it look like a fluffy pastry?

The most enjoyable part of any meal is the dessert, well if you have a sweet tooth lol. Fellina offers you six desserts for you to choose from, like the classic flavor Tiramisù and cannolis. We tried their Tiramisù and Saquito de Nutella (a sack of nutella).

The classic flavor of Tiramisù was pronounced in this dessert but had a twist due to the creamy concoction on the top of the cake. It was truly delicious, just yummy yummy yummy. The cake is served in a coffee pot and before you eat the waitress pours the coffee over the cake. Guys, this is a must order even if you don’t particularly like coffee. The coffee isn’t overpowering at all. There is more creamy goodness than cake so you can continue to enjoy the cream after you have finished the cake.

Look at all that yummy cream…

Saquito de Nutella came out and it looked pretty. You know what we are talking about, some foods look so pretty you hesitate to eat it but then you dig in and forget about how pretty it was. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case with this dessert. First of all the “sack” was a bread or cake we are not completely sure but the outer layer was burnt and hard. Once you broke through the exterior nutella oozed out and the bread/cake on the inside was soft. There is a lot of nutella in this dessert and pretty much overpowers any other flavor so if you are not a big nutella fine this dessert.

Nutella anyone?

Did you think we forgot about the cocktails?

Nope, the second most important thing it the cocktails lol. Fellina’s cocktails have a unique and funky flare. Of course, Fellina has an array of red, white, a rose wine to choose from, so for all our wine lovers you will not be disappointed. There are also a few non-alcoholic fancy drinks to choose from.

The tall yummy goodness is Fellina viste de sida and the shorter one is Tulum’s Way!


Back to the cocktails, the first one we tried was the yummy Tulum’s Way. Tulum’s Way consisted of tequila, rum, cacao, papaya, tamarind, and a hit of chili. Don’t freak out over the chili, the drink isn’t spicy at all. The purpose of the chili is to change the flavor almost similar to what you taste when you drink spiced rum but better. The second cocktail we tried was Fellina viste de sida fancy name for a chocolate baileys drink lol. In this drink was baileys, kahlúa, cacao, cream, and tonka (apparently it’s some type of bean that gives things a flowery smokey flavor).  We didn’t taste the tonka so don’t worry.

Overall, Fellina was ok. It has great cocktails, dessert, and bread but there is a lot to be desired in the main dishes. Let us know what your favorite item on the menu is.

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