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Cutrecon VII: A Festival with the Most Shabby Films

Shabby films in the cinema. It is not an error. It is the Cutrecon Festival! You are going to laugh or to cry, guaranteed! Till January 28th in different places.

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Christmas Train: Tren de Navidad

Christmas Train: Tren de Navidad is back again this year to amuse us once again with its humor & charm. Departing from Príncipe Pío station every day until 5th of January 2018! Go get your tickets today!!

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San Silvestre Vallecana 2017: New Year’s Eve Run

Who wants to say goodbye to 2017 by burning some calories? San Silvestre Vallecana is happening on the 31st of December at Plaza de Los Sagrados Corazones starting from 17:30h. Inscriptions are open now!!

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Sanperrestre 2017: Participate for a noble cause

On Dec 30th at Plaza de Cibeles, at 11h Sanperrestre 2017 will occur. The proceeds of this event will go towards the care of abandoned dogs & cats that El Refugio rescues. You can always show your support by knowing more about them or just by witnessing this event even if you don’t have a dog!

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Let yourself be kidnapped in Madrid

If you are a fan of escape games and have already tried everything, in Madrid a new modality has been born: Kidnappings. Hooded with handcuffs and 1 hour to escape. Do you really think you can win it? Mad4Madrid shares their experience with you.

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OctOver: Puro Rock

OctOver presents Puro Rock in Teatro Barceló on November 11th starting at 21h. Energy, talent and passion is what represents OctOver!! Book your tickets today!!

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Heroes Comic Con Madrid

Comic Con fans get ready to enjoy the three day heaven that is “Heroes Comic Con Madrid”. Starting from 10th of November until 12th of November, a huge list of amazing activities is waiting for you!! Go get your online tickets today!!

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International Jazz Festival: Madrid 2017

An invitation to listen and enjoy jazz music where melodies from different styles and cultures will come together in the International Jazz Festival of Madrid 2017!! Happening from November 2nd until November 30th. Get your tickets today!!

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Rocky Horror Madrid Show

Rocky Horror Madrid Show is a party where you can shout to the screen, sweat, dance and sing the songs. Happening in Nave 73, from 31 of October until 1st of November. Get your tickets today!!

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Festival Flamenco de Club at Café Berlín

Festival Flamenco de Club, brings artists such as Farruquito, Riqueni, Duquende, María Terremoto and Juana la del Pipa together in Café Berlin. Starting from 3rd of November, Go get your tickets in advance today before the prices increase!!

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