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España en Lata, Take a Bite of Madrid Home With You

Spanish food is great right? Don’t you wish you could take it back on the plane with you? Luckily, hidden behind Plaza Mayor is a shop that gets you, and it has just the solution. Madrid in a can!

We know that you have come to Madrid for our museums, the streets full of people, the amazing weather and, yes, the food! But it is difficult to take our products with you, especially by plane. Because of that, España en Lata (Spain in a can) is our proposal for you. For our visitors coming from North & South America, Asia, The Middle East and Africa there may even be certain weight limitations and regulations from your Department of Customs that prevent you from enjoying Spanish jamón and cheese. Don’t fret, because there are ways around it. Canned and preserved souvenirs are just a good, last much longer and travel well over long distances.

This little shop opened only two months ago and sells cans and bottles the best and most typical products from each Spanish region. Tuna or sardines from Basque Country; Galician seafood; turrón; the authentic asparagus from Navarra (the best in the world, trust us!); anchovies from Santoña (Cantabria), probably the most famous in our country; pimentón -similar to paprika- and olives from Extremadura; beer, sweets and callos from Madrid, even paella from Valencia!

The local is divided in two: on the left there are shelves and each one is dedicated to one region. The shelves on the right are focused on concrete products: wine, oil, paté, chocolate, cheese and a selection of local cured meats.

One interesting option is the gift box. They’re decorated boxes with pictures of our cities and you can put in all the products that you want or there are ready-made boxes with beautiful bottles of oil, wines or chocolates.

There is a variety of prices from: violet sweets from 2’95€ (typical from Madrid) till wine bottles of 40€. Your hunger decides. The shop is open from 11.00am to 11.00pm, without a break. Also Fran and Lali, the shop assistants, speak English, so they can help you with your shopping.

Taste the flavors of Spain without leaving Madrid!


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