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Escape games: Only for the Brave at Heart

Madrid is full of escape games. A team experience where you are the protagonist, saving the world from zombies or solving a murder. Here we present a list with the best. Pure adrenaline! Keep reading to find all about the tremendous fun at Fox in a Box, Parapark and Exit Game!


How many times are you watching a movie and you shout to the characters: “No, idiot!! You are doing it wrong!!” or “C’mon, time is running out! I know the solution but you don’t”. Face it, everybody has wanted to be the protagonist, save the world from zombies or solve the murder (not always the guilty is the butler). And in Madrid, it is possible in the escape games. Pure adrenaline just for brave people.

Without instructions, just your minds, ingenuity and speed for resolving enigmas, clues, etc. These are the rooms in Madrid to live your own movie:

Parapark room Madrid
Parapark room (photo via Kedin.es)

Fox in a box

This live escape game is situated in the downtown of the city. Perfect for groups of 2 to 5 people. There are two game options: save the world from zombies by finding the cure in an underground laboratory or act like a secret agent into a bunker in the III World War who must stop a nuclear catastrophe. Just 60 minutes to solve the puzzles, get the keys and work like a team to find the way out.

  • Address: Calle Infantas, 25
  • Phone: (+34) 691 666 715
  • Web: www.foxinaboxmadrid.com
  • @: info@foxinaboxmadrid.com
  • Price: 2-3 people, 55€ (18,33€ or 27,5€ per person); 4 people, 65€ (16,25€ per person); 5 people, 75€ (15€ per person)
  • <M> Gran Vía

 The X door

Up to 6 players must work hard to escape a strange room. 60 minutes and two levels: in the first one there is a mystery that will transport you into a Agatha Christie’s novel or similar (perfect if you have never played before). The second one is not open at the moment but we can tell you that if you liked ‘Prison Break’, you will love it. Quickly: book your experience!

  • Address: Gran Vía, 16. 1st floor, door 6
  • Phone: (+34) 915 328 905 and (+34) 638 003 013
  • Web: www.thexdoormadrid.com
  • @: info@thexdoormadrid.com
  • Price: 50€ per group
  • <M> Gran Vía

Exit game

Here they propose to use the brain as never before. There is a mission and your team must work for leaving the room in less than 66 minutes. It is very complicated but we know that our readers are really clever. There are three games but one is called “El marchante de arte” (The Art Merchant), where everything happens at the 30’s and several masterpieces of Spanish heritage have disappeared. We love it! Also, there is the mode “combat” in which two teams compete in two different rooms to solve the same mission. Ah! The missions can be in English too. Do you want to compete?

  • Address: Calle Caracas, 15
  • Opening hours: Mon and Wed, from 3.30pm to 10.30pm. Thur-Fri: from 3.30pm to 00.00am. Sat: from 12.00pm to 00.00am. Sun: from 12.00pm to 10.30 pm.
  • Phone: (+34) 91 016 12 09
  • Web: exit-game.es
  • @: hola@exit-game.es
  • Price: 2 players, 45€ (22,50e/person); 3 players, 55€ (18,33€/person); 4 players, 65€ (16,25€/person); 5 players, 75€ (15€/person)
  • <M> Alonso Martínez

Room Escape Madrid

Its games are secrets. Even the room location! We don’t know the story or theme (or maybe we know it but we prefer not to tell you). The names are Secret Game and Confidential Game. 60 minutes, your imagination and your team. Are you ready to discover?


One walkie-talkie for receiving instructions and…nothing else. Once again, your minds are the key to find the way out. An old building with two mysteries: The Experiment N.5 and Passage 9th. And no, we will not disclose any more. Each clue is like gold. But the fun is guranteed.

  • Address: Calle Manzana, 15
  • Opening hours: 12.30pm to 11.00pm.
  • Phone: (+34) 676 732 112  and (+34 )658 860 044
  • Web: parapark.es
  • @: madrid@parapark.es
  • Price: 47€/group
  • <M> Noviciado

Keep calm and…use those brains!!

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