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How to Enter in a Spaniard House (Without Stealing)

C’mon! It is time to open all the doors and cross them. How? With our low cost tips: sleep on a sofa, share a paella or find a job.

How to Enter in a Spaniard House (Without Stealing)

When were you in Spain? Did you ever visit a Spaniard’s home? C’mon! It is time to open all the doors and cross them. And we are not talking about stealing (no, really it is not our idea but it is a way…). OK. Let’s do it right and show you the best ideas to visit a Spaniard’s house with a real Spaniard family inside, including the “flamenca” and the bull over the TV.

Couch Surfing

This plan is simple: share your sofa with an unknown person. YOU are the unknown. It is free and a simple way to know “lugareños” and their houses. Use Couchsurfing website or app, and discover all the locations where there are couchsurfers, be gossip(the about me) and read their profiles, or go to the events that the platform organize in different cities like free tours, grab some beers, language exchange, go to the cinema…


Eat With

When you are in Madrid, maybe you want to try a typical paella or cocido. But sometimes the restaurants don’t offer the most authentic versions. And you will say: OK, where are the authentic paellas, tapas, etc.? In a Spaniard’s house. To visit a local home, use EatWith platform. Locals that open their homes to some lucky people (that pay, for sure) and serve them the best of their kitchens. You have cities around the world but now, in Madrid, there are different options like Traditional Spanish Gourmet Set Menu, A Mediterranean Feast For Food Lovers or Ultimate Paella Experience.

Air BnB

It is another way to enter into Spanish homes. You have to pay but you can spend some days there. Air BnB has an advantage: most of the flats for rent are in the center of Madrid. Select your dates and look for your perfect place. Remember to be a good renter and keep the house clean.

Particular Classes

Being a teacher is a good option. Think about it: you speak English really well and there are tons of madrilians and spaniards that really need to improve their English skills. So, start offering your services as Particular English Teacher with talks. The perfect moment to take a tour around the house is in the “Vocabulary of the house” lesson 😉


Be a Deliveroo / Glovo/ Just Eat / What else Delivery Man

Probably you don’t cross the door, but you can talk with hungry madrilians and admire their halls.

Find a Job as Boiler Inspector/ Pest Exterminator / Plumber

In that case, you will enter into the house but it is important to do a good job. So, select a job that you really know how to do.

Be the new Santa Claus

But this option is just “normal” on December 24th. If you want to go with more friends, wait till January 6th and be The Three Kings.


You know…just kidding! The first four options are the best. Try them! An if you have another idea, share with us in the comments!

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