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Easy Day Trips to take from Madrid

Are you living in Madrid or planning a trip to here soon? No trip to Madrid is complete without taking a day trip to one of the beautiful cities nearby. Have a look at what to see and how to get to a few of the cities close to Madrid.

Madrid is a great city to visit because of all it has to offer. On top of all the amazing sites, museums, and tours Madrid is also in the perfect location to take a day trip to another city. We are going to touch on some of the popular and not so popular but still stunning cities to visit for a day.


Segovia is a beautiful city that offers you a glimpse of Roman aqueducts and a taste of a delicious pork dish.

Things to do here,

  • See the Roman aqueduct. Segovia’s aqueduct is two thousand years old and is still in immaculate condition.
  • Visit the fairy-tale castle Alcázar
  • Try cochinillo (roasted suckling pig) which is Segovia’s local dish
 Leaving from Madrid, you can get to Segovia by bus, train or bla bla car (the uber of Europe)
  • Bla Bla Car– is an app you download on your phone then you’re ready to go. It’s like Uber where drivers put where they are traveling to and you can join them at a cost. A round trip fare to Segovia starts at 10€. It will take about an hour to get to Segovia by car.
  • Train- AVE high Speed– A round trip ticket to Segovia will start at 34€ but will only take 30 mins to get there. The train leaves from Chamartin Station.
  • Bus- La Sepulvedana is the company that will take you there leaving from Moncloa. A roundtrip ticket starts at 14,21€ and will take about an hour to get there.
A peak at the aqueduct walls. Photo Credit: @tarvisin



The world heritage city of Avila is a must see. Avila is known for its formidable medieval walls, an intact fortified ring around the old city.

Things to do here,

  • You can’t miss the Avila Walls
  • Los Cuatro Postes is a pilgrimage site on the west side of the city
  • Basilica de San Vicinte is a display of romanesque architecture in Spain.
  • Try chuletón (veal, pork, or cow chop- typically veal steak) which is normally served on the medium side is a typical dish in Avila

Leaving from Madrid, you can get to Avila by bus or train.

  • Train– A round trip ticket on the renfe will start at 17€ and takes a little under two hours to get there. The train leaves from the Chamartin Station.
  • Bus- Jiménez Dorado Autocares is the company that will take you there leaving from Estación surA roundtrip ticket starts at 13,41€ and will take about an hour and fifteen minutes to get there.
A view from the wall. Photo Credit: @tarvisin

*Avila and Segovia is in the same direction. If you are pressed for time you can visit both cities in the same day*


Cuenca is a world heritage site because of the crazy amount of historical monuments the city has.

Things to do here,

  • The city is known for its Hanging Houses 
  • A plethora of famous museums. Some examples are Contemporary Art Museum and Museum of Abstract Art.
  • El Castillo if remnants of an Arab fortress appeals to you.
  • Explore and walk along the pretty turquoise river, Júcar River
  • Some food to try here is Zarajo(an appetizer prepared from marinated lamb intestines and rolled in vine shoot) or Morteruelo(a paste made with pork liver, bread crumbs and spices)

Leaving from Madrid, you can get to Cuenca by bus, bla bla car or train.

  • Bus: Avanza is the company that will take you there leaving from Mendez Alvaro. A round trip ticket starts 21,57€ at and will take about 2.5 hours to get there.
  • Train: A round trip ticket on the renfe will start at 23,80€ and takes about 3 hours to get there. Whereas a round trip ticket on the  renfe AVE will start at 26,30€ and takes about an hour.
  • Bla Bla Car–  A round trip fare starts at 24. It will take about 1.5 hours to get to Cuenca by car.
Inside the Abstract Musuem. Photo Credit: @tarvisin



A must see is the previous capital of Spain known as Toledo.

Things to do here,

  • The perfect spot for a panoramic view of the city is at The Alcázar which also happens to be the highest point in the city.
  • The Cathedral is built with a gothic style.
  • Mirador del Valle, here you can view the entire city with views of the cathedral, alcázar, river and much more.

Leaving from Madrid, you can get to Toledo by bus, bla bla car, or train.

  • BusAlsa is the company that will take you there leaving from Plaza Eliptica. A round trip ticket starts 11 at and will take a little under an hour to get there.
  • Train: A round trip ticket on the renfe will start at 20,60€ and takes about 30 minutes to get there. 
  • Bla Bla Car–  A round trip fare starts at 11. It will take a little over an hour to get to Toledo by car.
A panoramic view of Toledo. Photo Credit: @travicalgirl

Let us know in the comments below what cities you like to visit!


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