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Behind the Scenes: Interview with the Owner of La Casa Tomada

Have you ever wondered who the genius behind La Casa Tomada is? Well, here you are! An exclusive interview the the owner and chef José Antonio!

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Haciendo Barrio 2016 at Conde Duque Cultural Center

Malasaña is known for being a magical, creative place filled with artists, designers and visionaries. That’s why we flock to its winding streets, and that’s why we love it so! In celebration of 2 de mayo, over 160 artists are participating in an exposition going on now until the 7th of May called Haciendo Barrio!

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Let’s Decorate Malasaña! Paint Parking Posts!

This Saturday, 30 of April, from 11.00 to 15.00 you can paint one of the 31 parking posts in the Malasaña neighborhood. Send your idea and you will paint one of this posts. Or just go and take a walk around the neighborhood.

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Fiestas of 2nd of May

The 2nd of May is an important time in Madrid and Malasaña neighborhood comes together to celebrate it with concerts, performances, yoga, theatre…All free!

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Paint Malasaña

Over 100 artists painting the essence and the unique image that is Malasaña on the closed doors. 12 hours and just one day.

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Madrid Market

From 12h till 21h check out one of the freshest markets in the city center! You can find this gem in the heart of Malasaña with lots of craft!

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All Star Concert at Lucy in the Sky Club

A musical evening filled with talented ex-pats! You can see artists such as Melanie Lawrence, Padraig O’Connor, and James Munro. A perfect Friday plan!

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Lucy in the Sky – Open Mic

Lucy in the Sky with open mic. Yes, you can sing that night all The Beatle’s songs. Well, you can do what you want: poetry, dance, sing..! And free. On March 20th, Sunday.

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Improv Comedy at Taboo

There’s an art to improv: some people have it, others don’t! ‘Los Gilipollas’ will act at Taboo, on Friday 18th at 22h. Just 7€! A constant LOL is guaranteed.

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Best Pizza in Madrid: Pizzas for every Budget and Taste

Pizza is more than just a food, it’s a food group, and for some, even a way of life. We take our pizza very seriously at Mad4Madrid, and make a concerted effort to find the city’s cheesiest, tastiest, most unique, and the absolute best pizza in Madrid! Why wander through the city in search of pizza when you can check this article where we’ve done all the work for you!

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