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Lucy in the Sky – Open Mic

Lucy in the Sky with open mic. Yes, you can sing that night all The Beatle’s songs. Well, you can do what you want: poetry, dance, sing..! And free. On March 20th, Sunday.

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Improv Comedy at Taboo

There’s an art to improv: some people have it, others don’t! ‘Los Gilipollas’ will act at Taboo, on Friday 18th at 22h. Just 7€! A constant LOL is guaranteed.

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‘DUETs, the show’ at Olé Lola: a musical pair!

On the 18th of November Olé Lola “Duets, the show” returns! It’s a comedy-musical hybrid where you’ll cry from laughter, and you won’t be able to resist telling all your friends afterwards!

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BeerFest 2015 at La Tape

The BeerFest is from September 22nd until October 4th at La Tape and there will be activities, tastings, pinchos and beer! Cheers!

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‘Alice in Wonderland’ or…in Bollywood?

Everyone has heard of the children’s story “Alice in Wonderland”, right? Well, in 2015, the Club Masala Madrid is giving it a complete re-working. This isn’t your classic take on the timeless tale because well, it’s in the form of

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