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Ignacio Zuloaga: Symbolism

Sala Fundación MAPFRE Recoletos presents Ignacio Zuloaga’s work, that combines a deep sense of tradition with a fully modern vision, especially linked to the Paris of the Belle Époque and the symbolist context in which the painter moved in those years. Go check out this exhibition today!!

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Ibex Bar: The Modern Indian Kitchen & Bar

Ibex bar is a place where drink prices rise & fall with the stock exchange! The thrill of anticipating the prices while enjoying some quality Indian food, sounds like a perfect place to hang out!

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International Jazz Festival: Madrid 2017

An invitation to listen and enjoy jazz music where melodies from different styles and cultures will come together in the International Jazz Festival of Madrid 2017!! Happening from November 2nd until November 30th. Get your tickets today!!

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Rocky Horror Madrid Show

Rocky Horror Madrid Show is a party where you can shout to the screen, sweat, dance and sing the songs. Happening in Nave 73, from 31 of October until 1st of November. Get your tickets today!!

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Festival Flamenco de Club at Café Berlín

Festival Flamenco de Club, brings artists such as Farruquito, Riqueni, Duquende, María Terremoto and Juana la del Pipa together in Café Berlin. Starting from 3rd of November, Go get your tickets in advance today before the prices increase!!

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Nicholas Nixon: The Daily Reality

Fundación MAPFRE Recoletos presents the work of Nicholas Nixon, consisting of over 200 photographs. To explore in depth his composition style & techniques, check out this exhibit today!!

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Coctelsaña 2017

Lovers of cocktails get ready to enjoy the fourth edition of Coctelsaña!! Starting from 26th of October until 5th of November. This year they bring us 40 cocktails for 5€ each, choose your favorite and enjoy Coctelsaña 2017.

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Norman Foster Exhibit: Discover the Vision of Future

Fundación Telefónica presents Norman Foster Exhibit, that will let you discover the future vision of the British architect & his sources of inspirations.
This exhibit is a great opportunity to explore the visions of Norman Foster famous for his high-tech architecture.

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Pianos in Madrid 2017

Eight grand pianos will return to the streets of Madrid. You can either play it or listen to it!! Come & check out these Pianos & Show everyone your talent!!

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Federico Fellini: Dream and design Exhibition

The Círculo de Bellas Artes is hosting an exhibit about the Italian film director Federico Fellini exhibiting photographs of shooting, original drawings, projections and unpublished material to reach a deeper understanding of the life of Fellini one of the most eminent filmmakers in the history. Explore the works & obsessions of Fellini through this exhibit happening now!!

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