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La Caleta Taberna Gaditana: Cadiz in the Capital

La Caleta Gaditana is a piece of Cadiz right in the center of Madrid. The food is typical of Andalucia down to the cucuruchos and cazón adobo!

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España en Lata, Take a Bite of Madrid Home With You

Spanish food is great right? Don’t you wish you could take it back on the plane with you? Luckily, hidden behind Plaza Mayor is a shop that gets you, and it has just the solution. Madrid in a can!

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La Bobia: Asturian Cuisine in La Latina

If you’re in La Latina, you can’t miss the twinkling lights of one very special restaurant. Make a pitstop and try delicious dishes from Asturias and beyond. Regional Spanish cuisine with a vintage Hollywood flair. Ding! Ding!

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