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Creamies: Sweet Crazy Ice Cream Sandwiches

We already know that this will be in our Top 3 places to eat ice cream this summer. Serving ice cream between cookies and donuts, just like a sandwich! High quality ice cream. Crisp cookies. And all for a great price. Come down to Creamies!

Creamies: Sweet Crazy Ice Cream Sandwiches

We are sure that this was one of your childhood food experiments. Or maybe you didn’t dare but you really wanted to try eating a big scoop of ice cream sandwiched between two cookies or a fresh donut. Creamies is the new place in Madrid to reconnect with the little chef living inside of you, because they serve exactly that: ice cream sandwiches with your choice of cookies or donuts.

Creamies has been open for just a few weeks, at Calle Corredera Alta de San Pablo, 30. In that short time, it has already become a favourite for the big kids of Malasaña. The idea is really simple, but it won’t be easy to choose your flavour. Why? Because, all of them are delicious!

Creamies, step by step

Step 1: Choose one of the 5 flavours – berries and yoghurt, cookies, donut, Kinder & Brownie, Movida Madrileña (similar to bubble gum), or Triki Monster (sugar candy). The Mad4madrid Team tasted the first four, what a treat! Yogurt is soft, brownie is for chocolate lovers, cookies tastes like real chocolate chip cookies and donut is like a mouthful of donuts. Fantastic!

Step 2: Cookie or donut? That’s the question. When you see over the counter, you won’t know which one to choose. It is really important to think about the ice cream and if it will go together. Yoghurt ice cream is works with everything, so does chocolate, but be careful not to make it too sweet (yes we’re being serious). You can choose from chocolate, white chocolate, triple chocolate, Lacasitos XL (similar to M&M’s) and Triple Chocolate XL cookies. As for the donuts, there are two options: classic donut (without a hole) and Oreo donut filled with Oreo cream.

Step 3: Yes, there’s till one more step, let’s choose our toppings! Marshmallows, sprinkles, Froot Loops, chocolate chips, M&Ms or peanut brittle. You will be exhausted from all your hard decisions. But don’t worry because we have great news – it only costs €3.20! And once you’ve paid you can start eating. Yas! It wasn’t too complicated now, was it? Here’s our tip: ask for a sample spoon of the ice creams, it will make your hard work a little bit easier. And don’t rush yourself, this ice cream holds up.

You will soon see that the cookies are really tasty and they don’t get soft even when you take your time eating the ice cream, which doesn’t drip even if you are a super slow ice cream licker.

For us, the standard size was very big, in fact, if you’re not too greedy, it’s perfect for sharing. But if you are already a registered sugarholic looking for a treat with friends, order the XL (€4.20) or the XXL (€5.20). The cookie is bigger with the XL so you get more ice cream. And the XXL? Well, it’s got an ice cream filled donut, XL cookie and more ice cream. What a challenge!

The staff at Creamies are kind, fun and will help you find the best flavour combination. They will let you try the ice creams so you can decide and will even let you pick two different flavoured cookies for your sandwich.

We can’t wait to see Gran Vía full of people eating ice cream sándwiches this summer! Are you ready to get hooked on Creamies?

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