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Coffee Addicts Welcome

Who enjoys a nice cup of coffee every now and again or are you someone who can’t start their day without 1 or 4 cups of coffee? Check out Zero Point Coffee and Plántate Café to start your day with some amazing coffee and goodies.

Coffee Addicts Welcome

It’s never too late to have a cup of coffee in Madrid! We all know a few spots in Madrid to find a good coffee but with this article we would like to introduce to our readers two amazing coffee spots for our coffee addicts. They don’t just have good coffee but a vibe of their own making these places unique & worthwhile to try out!

Zero Point Coffee

Zero Point Coffee is situated near Reina Sofia Museum. They offer the best speciality coffee in Madrid. Their staff is friendly & are experts on coffee types and the proper unique preparation ways for each. You can also ask them any questions about the coffee selection or preparation. They also offer breakfast and throughout the day some cakes and other goodies. This is a place for both coffee addictscoffee lovers. The place is small but you can always have a coffee to go. Their menu consist of Hot Coffees, Cold Coffees, Teas, Hot Chocolate Juices. They offer Blend, Speciality Coffees, Extraordinary Coffees & Ethiopian Coffees. They have milk varieties available as well such as rice, soy or oatmeal. Go check this place out & surely the staff there will guide you & help you with your order!

Location: Calle de Santa Isabel, 37, 28012 Madrid

Metro: Antón Martín

Hours: Mon-Fri 8h – 19h/ Sat-Sun 10h – 19h

Wifi: Yes

Telephone: 912 21 93 60

Website: Check here

Instagram: @zeropointcoffee


Plántate Café

Plántate Café situated near Tirso de Molina attract their visitors by the smell of hot coffee & most noteworthy their decorations with plants. This is not only a place where you can find a good coffee but you can also take home a plant if you want to. They offer Coffees, Teas, Toasts & Sweets. The café is a small and quaint spot surrounded by plants. They provide a fresh natural theme for their clients to enjoy while sipping their coffee. The exposed brick walls with the sharp sunlight is a perfect recipe to start your day with. During the night the place has a vibe of warmth & an intimate space with low lighting. Also don’t miss out on trying their amazing toasts & cookies, they are delightful!

Location: Calle del Mesón de Paredes, 28, 28012 Madrid

Metro: Tirso de Molina

Hours: 9h – 21h

Wifi: Yes

Telephone: 910 23 02 91

Website: Check here

Instagram: @plantatecafe

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