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Cheap Ways to Travel Europe from Spain

It’s possible to have the vacation of your dreams without spending a big amount of money. Traveling around Europe is much easier and cheaper than you think if you follow your advice.

Mad4Madrid shows you how to move around Europe as cheap as we know. Spain is a well known tourist-friendly country and it’s quite common for visitors who come here to stay for a while to travel through Europe. This continent has many countries in close proximity to each other so it makes it more affordable. You can spend one day at the Eiffel Tower and the next day posing with Big Ben. Here are several ways to cross the continent without breaking the budget:


Renfe discount train tickets: Renfe offers tickets for 25€ to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the AVE company. This promotion will be repeated on the 25th of each month during 2017. Each month will sell 25,000 places except in one of the months that will be 50,000 places at a price of 25€. You do not need a Renfe promotional code for the promotion, but the offer is identified on the tickets with the number 25.

Eurail Pass: Is a pass that allows you to use majority of the trains in the European train network in 23 countries for unlimited times but just for 10 days in a period of 2 months. There are also other packages that fit different needs. If you don’t have the opportunity to plan your trip in advance, or if you are interested in maintaining the spontaneity and flexibility in your trip, the best option for you may be to acquire a Eurail Pass (see types, promos and purchase).

Carpooling: Is sharing car journeys so that more than one person travels in a vehicle reducing the travel costs. It may seem scary to travel with strangers but there are safety measures in place. It’s as easy as checking online for drivers who are going the same route as you in the next couple of days and contacting them. BlaBlaCar is the most recognized way of carpooling in Spain and probably in all of Europe.

Eurolines: Eurolines is an international bus service in Europe, operated by different European transport companies for international travel. As a general rule, bus travel is always the cheapest way to travel around Europe. The big difference may be between choosing a comfy seating on the train or a narrow seat on the bus. It’s your choice.

Low cost airlines: This may be the best way to travel around Europe on a limited budget. Some airlines like Easy Jet, Ryan Air and some others compete with each other for offering the cheapest flight rates in Europe.


Couchsurfing: This platform is much more than free hosting. It allows you to meet and host other travelers who are visiting your city or stay in other people’s homes when you are traveling. But It’s actually much more than that because it gives you the opportunity to socialize with locals and to make life long friends. In case the platform doesn’t match your preferences there are similar services like BeWelcome. Only for like-minded travelers 😉

Nightswapping: It’s a new collaborative app for tourist accommodation. Unlike AirBnB, there is no economic exchange between the host and the traveler. So, how does it work? The traveler earns nights through hosting a member on NightSwapping and then can redeem it at any other time in another member’s home. The service operates in more than 160 countries. If you have an easygoing and adventurous personality and want to meet new places, new cultures and new people this is your chance!

Housesitting: Online service that consists of taking care of a property – home or a family business – while the owners are not there. It’s a good option for people who go on vacation to use Housesitting. In exchange for feeding their pets, pruning the garden and cleaning the house you can explore a new city. Usually without any added cost and all supplies paid. You can find houses in remote locations or mansions in stunning cities.

Hospitality Club: Is an association of travelers who help each other by offering free accommodation to other members, by giving a guided tour of their city, or by helping with paperwork for travelers who do not speak the local language.


Workaway: It’s a social network that puts volunteers in contact with people from more than 155 countries who host you for a few hours of work. What to expect: working on farms, working in hostels, working on private gardens and babysitting. This system allows many young people from all over the world to travel in the cheapest way possible and to save on the expenses of food and accommodation.  It also offers the opportunity to collaborate on very interesting projects.

WWOOF: For volunteers who want to collaborate exclusively with organic farms. The volunteer system is based on the exchange of work (4 to 6 hours per day) for food and accommodation, in order to promote the development of a sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture. The type of work depends on the orchard or farm, but you are likely to spend your days in greenhouses or outdoor planting.  The work is mostly physical labor so a lot of energy necessary.

Helpx: It is another platform where volunteer work on farms, backpacker hostels, lodges, horse stables and even sailing boats in exchange for free accommodation and food.


Waynabox: Is a website where you can go for a weekend to any city in Europe for as little as 150 € (you choose how much you are willing to spend). What is special about it? Well…you will not know where you are going until 2 days before. Crazy and Exciting! Price includes flight tickets & stay. If you have already visited European cities and wouldn’t like to repeat them, don’t worry about it. You can select the cities that you already visited so that they will not be apart of your surprise trip.

Drumwit: Very similar to the Waynabox. It organizes a surprise trip with a closed price between 150 – 250 € depending on the airport you choose (Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Bilbao or Málaga). You can limit the time zone in which you want to take off/arrive.They manage the check-in and hotel booking for the 2 nights. They prepare a small guide of the assigned city for you. It’s great!

Compartir Tren Mesa AVE: An app to look 4 people traveling the same time and place in order to save 60% on the AVE ticket. If you are traveling alone or with a partner, the app will look for the necessary amount needed to form a group of 4 in order to save 60%. It’s very easy and fast to use. Only available for Android.

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