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Cereal Hunters Madrid: New Location

Craving a cereal from home or one you tried and loved on a previous trip. This cereal bar has 160 foreign and local cereals to choose from. Head over to their new location on Calle Reina 1 to get your cereal fix.

Cereal Hunters Madrid: New Location

Apple Jacks, Cornpops, Frosted Flakes, these are just a few of the classic cereals. What is your favorite cereal from abroad. Do you find yourself going through cereal withdrawal while traveling or living abroad.

Madrid happens to be a pioneer in bringing cereal from around the world to local madrileños and foreigners alike.

Cereal Hunters has two locations to provide an assortment of cereal to it’s costumers. The first location is Calle Mejía Lequerica, 14 (metro Tribunal, L1 and 10). The newest location (and what we will be focusing on today) is located on Calle Reina, 1 (metro Gran Via, L1 and 5). Cereal Hunters has 160 types of cereal you can choose from so more than likely they have what you love.

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty!

The ambiance of this place is super chill and funky. When you walk into the place you see all this exposed brick and think that it’s a small little cozy place. When you walk downstairs you are pleasantly surprised the amount of space they have.

The most important thing, how much does it cost.

  1. National Cereals:
    • Small Bowl- 2,50€
    • Medium Bowl- 2,70€
    • Large Bowl (can combine two cereals)- 3,10€
  2. International Cereals:
    • Small Bowl- 3,20€
    • Medium Bowl- 3,60€
    • Large Bowl (can combine two cereals)- 4,10€
  3. Toppings:
    • 0,40€ per topping
  4. Specialty Milk (ability to change color & Lactose Free)
    • 0,40€

Let’s breakdown specialty milk and toppings a little more. The options can seem endless when having to decide what toppings or milk to get. Here at Cereal Hunters you have 13 toppings to choose from Oreos to KitKat to Reese’s.  There is a variety of milk from chocolate milk to soy milk to whole milk to colored milk. Yup, we said it, colored milk. You have the option of coloring your milk green, pink, blue or whatever color your heart desires (well that the waiter can make. Maybe y’all can invent a new color together.)

Cereal Hunters also offers Natural Smoothies and Pop Tarts. There are 13 types of pop tarts to choose from and 4 smoothie options.

If you are here studying abroad or just moved here and are craving your favorite cereal then this is the spot to go. If you are a local and want to try out different cereals from a few staple countries or already had it on a visit to that country but want to relive your trip, then look no further, Cereal Hunters can supply it.
Overall, Cereal Hunters is a bit expensive for a bowl of cereal especially if you look at the fact that 3,20 can get you a whole box of cereal. But what makes them a good choice to visit every once in a while is the fact that you will be able to have a bowl of cereal that you can not purchase locally.
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