Calle San Millán, Duque de Alba and Plaza del Cascorro: top trending streets in La Latina

La Latina is growing into a trendy neighborhood with everything from clubs, to cultural spaces, but it’s still the food that draws the crowds. In this article we take you down some of out favourite streets: San Millán, Duque de Alba and Plaza del Cascorro Street.

One thing that you need is that these streets look like one another but they aren’t all the same! A little square is at the end and beginning of each one. But, if you turn right quickly, here is Plaza del Cascorro Street. So, watch your step. At the end of the post you can consult a map, don’t worry!

San Millán Street

La Bobia, puxa Asturies!

Let’s get situated: San Millán Street starts at La Latina Square, and at number 3 is our first stop, La Bobia, the newest Asturian restaurant in Madrid. We dedicated an exclusive article to this place but in summation you will love it: attentive staff, cheap prices and fabulous and traditional dishes as the cachopo (two steaks stuffed with ham and cheese), fries with cabrales cheese, croquetas, chorizo a la sidra or Asturian cider (with an automatic escanciador for serve it, really fun). The terrace is perfect for sunny days and hot nights. Inside, the green of the bottles mimics the beautiful and huge Asturias meadows. There are two cider barrels at the back, perfect for groups. You will miss the sea, but nothing else.

Oh! And “puxa Asturies!” means Asturias rules. You will agree after eating here.

  • Address: San Millán, 3
  • Opening hours: Monday-Thursday: 12.30 pm to 11.30 pm. Friday – Saturday: 12.30 pm to 12.30 am.
  • Phone: (+34) 91 737 60 30
  • Price: 15-20€
  • <M> La Latina or Tirso de Molina


Duque de Alba Street

La Pastelería del Duque, the sweet corner

Cross the street and La Pastelería del Duque (Duke’s Bakery) is in the square’s corner, at the end of San Millán. From the store window you can see a lot of sweets. Inside, the smell is so delicious that is really hard to resist the drive to buy everything! Magdalenas (no cupcakes, please), croissants, cookies with of all sizes and flavors for each day. The Duke should be proud of this bakery in his honor.

  • Address: Plaza Duque de  Alba, 1
  • Opening hours: Monday-Thursday: 12.30 pm to 11.30 pm. Friday – Saturday: 12.30 pm to 12.30 am.
  • Email:
  • Facebook:
  • <M> La Latina or Tirso de Molina

El Secuestrador de Besos, romantic name and delicious place

Sincerely, we don’t know what is exactly: it is a shop, a bakery, a cafe and bar. Incredible! This place marks the beginning of Duque de Alba Street to Tirso de Molina Square. It is in front of the bakery but on the other corner. A blackboard announces the offers: 2 drinks, 10€; hot pincho and beer, 3€, cold pincho and beer or white wine, 2,5€, etc. It is possible to find natural juices, bakery, coffee…So, you can have breakfast, have tea or drink the first of many cocktail at nights.

By the way, El Secuestrador de Besos means “The kiss kidnapper”. Lovely.

  • Address: Duque de Alba, 12
  • Opening hours: Monday- Sunday: 8.00am to 1.0 am.
  • Phone: (+34) 91 704 94 71
  • Web:
  • Price: from 2€
  • <M> La Latina or Tirso de Molina

El Imparcial, the most chic and intelectual neighbor

From the street it is not flashy because of the simplicity of the facade, in cream color and with an old balcony. But when you go inside, you will discover a beautiful bar, mix of modern and classic touches, and a little souvenir shop with notebooks, pencils, funny post-its…all stationery shop articles and the Great Britain Queen greeting. yes, it is not a joke.

The best is on the first floor: an incredible flat divided in different rooms and atmospheres (like a library, a saloon, a room full of mirrors, etc.). All inside is classic, elegant, chic but modern, trendy and a little vintage. We love this mixture! For eating, enjoy with the Norwegian salmon sashimi with wakame and wasabi ice cream; Grilled Chipirones (little squids) with coliflower purée and curry or Slow roasted octopus with ajada gallega (garlic  mashed potato). The dessert is a must (yes, it is a duty) the carrot cake and a gin tonic or a cocktail as Black Caipiroska (black vodka, orange, lime and sugar).

Curiosity: the building is a palace that in the early twentieth century housed the historical editor of the newspaper El Imparcial.

  • Address: Duque de Alba, 4
  • Opening hours: Monday-Thursday: 12.30 pm to 11.30 pm. Friday – Saturday: 12.30 pm to 12.30 am.
  • Phone: (+34) 91 795 89 86
  • Web:
  • Price: 25€
  • <M> La Latina or Tirso de Molina

Plaza del Cascorro Street

Martina Cocina: lovely place

Everything is home made by Martina. She is a chef from Argentina and Madrid lover. You can find daily menú from 10€, sandwiches, brunch on Saturday, quiches for share, rolls…But we love her desserts: the alfajores (Argentinian sweets) are incredible! Or the carrot cake, the cheesecake, the chocolate cake with dulce de leche. Try a lemonade with mint (home made, sure!) and enjoy the terrace. The basement is a little room where there is theatre some days. 

  • Address: Plaza Cascorro, 11
  • Opening hours: Tuesday – Wednesday: 9.00 am to 12.00 am. Thursday – Friday: 9.00 am to 1.00 am. Saturday: 10.00 am to 1.00 am. Sunday: 10.00 am to 11.00 pm.
  • Phone: (+34) 91 083 43 80
  • Web:
  • Price: 10€
  • <M> La Latina or Tirso de Molina


La China Mandarina: eating healthy at any hour

In the middle of this castiza street is a restaurant that serves healthy and simple dishes, Spanish wines and craft beers. An unique place where you can go with your laptop and work in the big common table, have breakfast, lunch, dinner or drink a glass of wine. The restaurant has something special, maybe is the light, the flowers or the different pictures in the walls. The restaurant’s regular is Saspi the dog, the owner’s pet. It is like a huge white fluffly!

For eating: hummus, ceviche, cocas, salads made-to-order. And cakes! But we recommend the daily menu because it is quick and different: three dishes and two option per dish. The day that we ate here the menu was: 1st, salmorejo or goat cheese and pear salad; 2nd, hake with potatos al horno or chicken nuggets; 3rd, cous cous or rice. With dessert, drink and bread, 11€. Make sure to check out this place!

  • Address: Plaza Cascorro, 17
  • Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 9:30am to 12:30am. Saturday-Sunday: 9:30am to 2.00am.
  • Phone: (+34) 910 28 25 41
  • Facebook:
  • Price: 12€
  • <M> La Latina or Tirso de Molina


Animal&Té: a bar and a pet shop

“One haircut for my dog and a cup of tea for me, please” is the most heard phrase here. That’s because this is a bar and a pet shop. You can enjoy reading a book and drinking a coffee with a piece of cake while your dog is being wash or getting a haircut. Do you need a new leash or a toy for your buddy? No problem! They have those too.

  • Address: Plaza Cascorro, 10
  • Phone: (+34) 91 085 11 72
  • Web:
  • Price: from 15€
  • <M> La Latina or Tirso de Molina

Casa Amadeo Los Caracoles: the most typical in the neighborhood

One of the most traditional places here is Los Caracoles Bar. Can you guess what their speciality is? Yes, snails! A glass of wine, bread and a pot of snails -with an awesome sauce, better than the snails in fact- or a plate of bravas are essential in their bar every Sunday midday. Also, the cod is amazing!

  • Address: Plaza Cascorro, 18
  • Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday and Sunday: 11.00 am to 4.00 pm and 7.00 pm to 11.00 pm. Monday and Satuday, closed
  • Phone: (+34) 91 365 94 39
  • Web:
  • Price: 10€
  • <M> La Latina or Tirso de Molina

On Sunday, El Rastro

If it rains, snows, or is really hot: every Sunday there is El Rastro, a street market where you can find…well, anything you want! Antiques, furniture, books, clothes, old coins, shoes…even animals! Good prices and a lot of people.

Pss, pss…Here is a little tip: if you turn right in the second street, called Ruda Street, you will find Malacatín Restaurant with one of the best cocido -typical madrilian dish- in the city! Do you want to know more about it? Read our article.


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