Calle Ponzano: Time to start #ponzaning

Calle Ponzano has become a go-to spot in Madrid for foodies. The tapas and beers are some of the best in Madrid. But it’s not just that, you can find all types of bars and locals to have cocktails that are authentic and also traditional.

Calle Ponzano: Time to start #ponzaning

Doesn’t matter which day of the week you go, there will always be people there! Wednesday and Saturday are the most popular, as well Sunday mornings. It’s become so popular that there’s a name for the ‘movement’ #ponzaning

You can tackle the street in one of two ways:

  • Going to one place in particular to have lunch or dinner or for tapas and stay put for the evening.
  • Changing locations and going from one place to another to try different small plates and beers (this is the option we chose, obviously).

Which places on Calle Ponzano do you recommend?

Sala de Despiece

This is one of the first spots to fill up in the afternoons. The first thing they do is show you the menu with a price list of their products and some crispy potato chips. Make sure you pay attention to the quantity as well. You can eat on the high stools, or standing at the bar. Either way it doesn’t matter because the food is worth it! It’s always fresh, well done and as authentic as possible. We tried the razor clams with pineapple, chipotle, and cilantro (10€) that are spicy because of the chipotle, but you won’t be able to stop eating them! Tip: order a beer too if you eat this dish… it’ll help with the spice. We also tried the Huevo Rossini with foie and tartutfata (4€) and you have to order bread to break the yoke and dip it! Also the rib tips prepared with blueberries, and lemon that you should add on top. It’s sweet, acidic and savory all at the same time!

– Address:Calle de Ponzano, 11
– Opening hours: Monday-Friday: 13h to 17h and 19:30 to 0:30h. Saturday-Sunday:13h to 17h and 20h to 01h
– Phone: (+34) 917 52 61 06
– Web:

Bar Ponzano

Classic. Traditional. They did updates to the bar a few years ago but the exterior is still intact. You’ll recognize it by its giant red doors. Inside head over to the bar area and marvel at the tortilla, ensaladilla, embutidos, huevos rotos, calamares.. but what we recommend is the escabeche, a typical marinade usually made with fish. More specifically we’re talking about the tuna (15€). It’s truly delicious and it’s the traditional Spanish way of preparing the dish too! Enjoy it with some wine, or a few beers. It’s a generous portion, so the price is definitely worth it.

– Address:Calle de Ponzano, 12
– Opening hours: Monday – Thursday: 08h to 00h. Friday:08h to 01h. Saturday: 09h to 01h. Sunday: 09h to 00h.
– Phone: (+34) 914 48 68 80
– Web:

 Alipio Ramos

A small bar and old too! You’ll always see people in the door, don’t hesitate: just go inside! The walls are adorned with bottles, antique utensils and also a chart that has the classification from La Liga! No matter what you order, they’lll give you a tapa! We opted for one of the more traditional options: fried cheese with tomato marmalade. The cheese is goat cheese and they give you 3 large portions so it’s perfect to share (6€).

– Address:Calle de Ponzano, 30
– Opening hours: Monday: 19h to 00h. Tuesday-Sunday: 12h to 17h and 19h to 00h. Saturday-Sunday:13h to 17h and 20h to 1:00h
– Phone: (+34) 914 41 49 61

Toque de sal

A very beautiful place, but nevertheless very small. They prepare cocktails and even though you can find really extravagant and French dishes on their menu, we recommend the tortilla or one of their cheese options. We don’t have to convince you because as soon as you lay eyes on it, the hunger will do the work for us!

– Address:Calle de Ponzano, 46
– Opening hours: Sunday – Thursday: 09h to 01h. Friday – Saturday: 09h to 02:30h.
– Phone: (+34) 914 26 64 65
– Web:


We’ve already spoken about Lambuzo de la calle de las Conchas some time ago and we like this place even more than before! It’s a small taste of Cádiz in Madrid. The garlic prawn croquetas are the best, and also the big jars of rebujitos (manzanilla or wine mixed with soda). Here you can a drink and continue on the route, or stay for dinner. We will warn you: is usually very complicated to find a table here on the weekends especially.

– Address:Calle de Ponzano, 8
– Opening hours: Monday – Thursday: 13h to 16h and 20h to 23:30h. Friday – Saturday:13h to 16h and 20h to 00h. Sunday: 13h to 16h.
– Phone: (+34) 915 13 80 59
– Web:

La Contraseña

This is the type of place you’ll want to remember! The lighting and ambiance is magical! We recommend dinner because of the lights and the interior patio that makes it even more beautiful. The dishes are Mediterranean, and enjoy for example prawn croquetas, grilled octopus or their hamburger that has  Idiazábal cheese, bacon, tomato and potatoes. There’s also a private area for special occasions.

– Address: Calle de Ponzano, 6
– Opening hours: Monday – Wednesday: 11h to 1:30h. Thursday:11h to 02h. Friday – Saturday: 11h to 02:30h. Sunday: 11h to 00:30h.
– Phone: (+34) 911 72 63 78
– Web:


Stay tuned because Ponzano street continues adding new neighbors and Mad4Madrid is fan, so this article is adding all the locals that we will visit. If you want to leave us a comment with your favorites, go ahead!


See you in Ponzano!


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