Calle Jorge Juan Route: The Best Places on this Lovely Street

Located in one of the most posh areas of Madrid, Calle Jorge Juan is a more than just a beautiful evening walk.

Calle Jorge Juan Route: The Best Places on this Lovely Street

Jorge Juan is one of the most beautiful streets of Madrid. We don’t know what it is: perhaps the sun, the flowers decorating the terraces, the people walking around…We can’t pinpoint it but we-are-in-love. We have prepared this amazing route across the Jorge Juan Street because it is a place full of live and different options for lunch, dancing, diving (yes, you are reading that right) or shopping. Hold our virtual hand and let’s get started, k?

The newest: LA CASA TOMADA

It´s the sister location of the original Casa Tribunal, that is still situated in Tribunal, you know which one we’re talking about… (wait, you haven’t been there? Are you serious, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, and go! This restaurant is categorized for its large portions and its Venezuelan food influences. In reality, it’s finger foods, and the ones we like are always messy, and finger lickin’ good. Everything is worth a try, no exception. You can start off by trying the chili cheese fries that are doused with melted cheddar, jalapeños, onion strings, bacon and cilantro or even one of their giant hot dogs or sandwiches. The roast beef sandwich (house-made roast beef, bacon, sautéed onions, and gouda cheese) is really great. Oh, I forgot to mention: the Chicken Parmesan sub is great, too (fried breaded chicken, tomato sauce, basil and cheese) and arguably one of the biggest faves at Casa Tomada. Upon the inauguration of the event, however, there has been a new addition to this location’s menu: BBQ pulled pork, fried mac and cheese sandwich with a touch of cole slaw on top. This thing is huge, and I could barely finish it by myself. Warning: You might have to share with a friend, this is a very “rich” sandwich. Another option includes ordering a half portion which this location offers as well.

  • Where:  c/ Jorge Juan, 55
  • Telephone: +34 91 027 41 62
  • Instagram: @la_casatomada

Escuela de Buceo Casco Antiguo

You might find it random that a diving school is on this list, but the classes offered at this particular school are very well priced. As a former diver, I know how great it can be to actually go under water but how essential classes are before you dive in, literally.

The month of July is running a special for 340€ for open water diving courses for beginners. This includes the lessons and the equipment, and a dive trip to the ocean upon completion of the classes. This is a far cry from my classes when I initially began, which cost me more than 400€ (and that was minus all the excursions and extras). Additionally, the school is also a full serviced shop with everything one would need from goodies for beginner to advanced divers. The pool itself is aesthetically pleasing and reformed to a modern design.

Cuarto de Juegos

Picture this: You’re walking down the street on your little escapade and find yourself at the window of this next place. There are marvelously sophisticated wooden games, chessboards (that anyone would want their living room), and difficult to find card games, which are at same time pretty addictive, such as: Virus or Jungle Speed, etc. Do not hesitate in ringing the bell and go on in to enjoy this small little magical store.  The shelves host more games and we guarantee that you will want to take many them home. They have all the versions of Time’s Up!, Catan and His Many Expansions, Cocoa, Dixit … If you don’t know which one to get, ask the friendly owners and they will guide you… ahem, they also have… Dungeons and Dragons. 

Santa Teresa

They offer picadas, breakfast, lunch, dinner and cocktail hour.

I had a smoothie at Santa Teresa because they have that, too.

This semi market- semi patio site is totally adorable. They have an assortment of pre-made dinners, dry goods such as cookies, breads, and very good membrillo. This is a sweet, quince fruit paste that is very popular in Spain which pairs great with a mild cheese.

However, order a smoothie. A banana, pineapple, and coconut smoothie to be exact. We were not disappointed because we saw them actually make the smoothie with the ingredients in front of me and those simple pleasures are worth noting– because of lot of smoothies are pre-made off site in who know’s where.

Centro de Danza María Rosa

There are those who are unable to combine 2 dance steps and others who can’t sit still in their seat once the music starts playing. Whichever of the two you are, El Centro de Maria Rosa opens its classes for you. They have (almost certainly) any style you want to dance. Cheer up with Funk or Hip Hop or learn a little more about Spain with regional dances or Spanish dance in general; Test yourself with ballet, have fun dancing Bollywood or maybe even Zumba. You will also find self-defense classes and semi private pilates classes (with a max of 5 students per class). Go ahead and get moving!

Soho New York Bar & restaurant

Its flower-adorned terrace will catch your eye and you’ll most definitely stay when you see their beer list (Paulaner, Brutus, Tennet’s Stout), cocktails and their main menu. Some favorites include  Maryland Crab Cakes (€ 9), Cheddar Jalapeños (9€), Fajitas of all types (from € 14), Zaccharia Skillet (Prawns with zucchini, fresh tomato and chives – € 14.90) or the classic hamburger. It’s a very varied menu in which anyone can find something to dig into.

  • Where:  c/ Jorge Juan, 50
  • Opening hours: Mon-Sat: 13:00 to 02:00h and Sat: 13:00 to 17:00h
  • Telephone: +34 915778973
  • Web:

Aneko Tienda Japonesa (corner of Calle Castello)

Technically, this store is not located on Jorge Juan Street but when we saw it, we felt the need to include it on the route. It’s beautiful on the outside and inside! If you love Japanese Culture, you will fall in love (you have been forewarned). From the window display you can see precious tea sets, sushi games, plates, chopsticks and hand-painted mugs. Everything in this store gives off a sense of delicacy and subtlety. You will also find kimonos and Japanese gourmet food. Enjoy yourself.

  • Where:  c/ Castello, 15 (cornered with Jorge Juan)
  • Opening hours: Mon: 17:00 to 20:30h. Tue – Sat: 11:00 to 20:30h.
  • Telephone: +34 620 14 35 80
  • Facebook profile: Aneko

Ocafú Taberna Gallega

If your stay in Madrid is going to be short and you want to know the best of Spanish cuisine, you should definitely try the Galician cuisine (and if you have come for a long time, too, of course). One of the places to lose your voracious palate is among the most Galician flavors and aromas at Ocafú. Let us convince you with some of the delights that you can enjoy on terrace: empanada de bonito (6,9 €) or seafood (9,9 €); Potato tortilla from Betanzos – which is slightly curdled, super creamy inside (small, € 7.5); Octopus (13.9 €) or an incredible Filloa stuffed with dessert – which is like a pancake but a thousand times better (4.5 €). If you’re already drooling, we do not know what you’re waiting for.

  • Where:  c/ Jorge Juan, 29
  • Telephone: +34 918 269 164
  • Web:

Do you know any other place in this street that should appear in our route? Tell us in a comment!


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