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Caixa Forum: The fourth jewel of the Golden Triangle of Art

The Golden Triangle of Art (El Prado, Reina Sofia, and Thyssen) consistently top the list of most visited museums in Madrid. But there's one very worthy contender tucked away on Paseo del Prado. Welcome to the Caixa Forum.

20141002_172747It’s called the Golden Triangle of Art due to in each angle there is an important museum: Thyssen, Prado and Reina Sofia. However the Golden Triangle hides an unknown and cutting-edge art gallery. Walking along Paseo del Prado and just in front of museum which keeps the greatest paintings of Goya or Velazquez, it places Caixa Forum.

Opened in 2008 as a multi-disciplinary cultural place, Caixa Forum is a restoration of one of the few examples of industrial architecture in Madrid’s historical center, the old power plant Central Eléctrica del Mediodía. At first glance, what attract the attention of the visitors are the facades. Not only for the preservation of the original facade of the old industrial building with boarded up windows, but also for the outstanding vertical garden of 15,000 plants, an impressive carpet of flowers from more than 250 species.

Activities at Caixa Forum

20141002_173100At the Caixa Forum in Madrid you’ll discover one of the most entertaining museums where the music and poetry festival, current affairs debates and social events are combined with temporal exhibitions on historic, modern and contemporary art.

Currently, Caixa Forum offers a great variety of subjects in their temporal exhibitions covering all periods, from the ancient manifestations of art (“Mediterranean: From Myth to Reason”) to the most innovative and recent avant-garde (“Le Corbusier: An Atlas of Modern Landscapes”). Do not miss the opportunity to check the schedule and agenda of activities.

Caixa Forum has hosted important exhibitions related to Architecture, Cinematography or Art, as for example “Towers and skylines. From Babel to Dubai”, “Delacroix (1798-1863)”, “Pixar: 25 years of animation” or “Egypt: Keon, Kefres and Micerino”. But what makes this cultural center special is the particular scenography and lighting of the exhibitions.

It also periodically runs cycles of conferences and seminars about philosophy, economics, literature or politics aimed to promote the reflection on this changing world and to get better understanding both of our society and that of other cultures.

20141002_173130Activities are designed for all audiences and entrance is free, however, for some temporary exhibitions you must pay 4 € for a ticket with which you can enter to all of them. Other choices, as coffee talk shows, conferences and cinema cost 4 € too.

Temporary exhibition

20140916_174507If you go up to the third floor you will read a poster which makes you wonder, “why were are able to reach Mars but unable to reduce hunger in the world?” It’s a small room full of invents. Don’t be shy, entrance is free, although what you will find inside won’t be the latest Iphone 6 but invents which safe lives.

Large corporations develop inventions exclusively for 10% of the population, those with the purchasing power to buy them. These products are not aimed at resolving people’s basic priority problems; rather, enormous resources are invested in nonessential things, whilst millions of people have no access to water, food, energy, health…

Under the title of “Inventions. Ideas That Change Lives”, CaixaForum presents some of the most innovative inventions aimed at improving the living conditions for the world’s most vulnerable populations. HippoRoller to transport water easily, PumplyNuts to feed undernourished children… The best part is that you can also propose solutions and create your own invention!

20140916_174025 20140916_173909

Why you won’t regret visiting the Caixa Forum? Because at the end of the visit you can go over the bookshop specialised in contemporany art, design and photography and to take pleasure in looking at media products, cultural objets or postcards. Don’t forget to go up to the fourth floor to contemplate the sunset in the restaurant with views to Botanical Garden while you have lunch (taking advantage of the economic Daily Menu) or drink a coffee.


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