[CLOSED] Boqueat, Take-Away Croquetas Como Dios Manda!

We regret to inform you that this restaurant has shut down. If it reopens we’ll let you know!

[CLOSED] Boqueat, Take-Away Croquetas Como Dios Manda!

Croquetas are a Spanish staple: they are fried and battered bechamel usually stuffed with something like jam, octopus, or chicken. They’re warm, bite-sized and the epitome of comfort food. That’s why when we saw the new addition to the Chueca area, Boqueat, we were excited because not only do they serve only croquetas, they are well-priced, well-done, and a completely new take on the traditional dish. Each croqueta is accompanied by a sauce that’s meant to bring out the flavors combinations. We spoke with the owners three French and one Spaniard- to chat about the concept and it’s truly an innovative concept. They take un plato de toda la vida, add a creative culinary spin on an age-old classic, and then make it acessible both in price, but also in speed! It’s ideal for take-away! Now, here’s the twist: you can also purchase the same croquetas they offer uncooked, and for a cheaper price, and then make them yourselves at home! You read correctly! You can buy croquetas and cook them at your convenience! Now t hat’s something we can get on board with.

What kinds of croquetas do they serve? Are they really unique?

Yes! They really are! Although they offer the traditional versions such as ham and even hamburger,they take this dish to the next level with ingredients such as: cod fish with raisins, mini calamari, mushroom, coffee and gin and tonic. The sauces are made fresh everyday of natural ingredients. Since they don’t contain artificial preservatives, if you opt to take the croquetas uncooked, you’ll miss out on their delicious sauces because they’re homemade! It’s better to eat them there! Just to give you an idea, the calamari croqueta is paired with a seaweed infused mayo, the ham croqueta is paired with a mushroom sauce, and the coffee croquetas are paired with a toffee and whisky sauce. Have we got your attention yet?  Each croqueta costs an affordable 1€, but seriously, who eats just one croqueta at at time? They have several deals that include 2 croquetas, 4 croquetas and 6 croquetas. Each one comes labeled, and paired with its sauce.

Why are we #mad for Boqueat?

  • Their croquetas are made-to-order
  • They’re fried to perfection!
  • There are plenty of unique and creative flavor to try! Try the coffee flavor, and thanks us later.
  • The price is just right!
  • Sauce, boss!
  • The staff is down-to-earth and informed about their products


Eat at the restaurant:

- 2 croquetas: 2,5€
- 4 croquetas: 4,2€
- 6 croquetas: 6€

Take away-

- 12 croquetas: 6,9€
- 24 croquetas: 13,5€
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  • Margherita Bandini

    Fantastic, unique place in which you can buy quality croquetas. Each one has a special sauce that goes with it and matches the flavours perfectly 😉 You can either take the food home or eat it there. We particularly appreciated the honesty and savoir-faire of the young man in charge – thank you! You should set up a Tripadvisor page (I haven’t seen one yet)