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The best torrijas of Madrid (typical Easter sweet in Spain)

The torrijas are the most typical sweet on Easter season in Spain. There are a lot of bakeries and restaurants that serve them but it is not easy to find the best. Here we collect the best six.

Spend the Easter in Spain is not just see “los pasos” or “procesiones de Semana Santa”, the smell of the incense and the solemnity. We also eat torrijas! Not bread pudding and not french toast: torrijas, please!!

A sweet prepared with brioche bread sodden in milk and egg, and fried, with sugar and cinnamon over it. There is other variety with wine instead of milk. Simply delicious. Where can you find the best torrijas in Madrid? Follow us: shutterstock_134148161


One of the oldest restaurants of Madrid has the torrija that is said to be the best of Madrid. And probably it’s true. They prepared four types:

  • “La tradicional” (the traditional one) following the recipe of our grandmother: slides of brioche dipped in milk with cinnamon and lemon, egg and fried in olive oil. A touch of sugar and cinnamon and…perfect!
  • With sweet wine: just change the milk for wine Pedro Ximénez and…here you have a marvellous sweet! Incredible flavour.
  • Torrija Lhardy: as the traditional but this one spend one night into syrup, so, it is reallly -really, really- sweet.
  • Torrija Light: maybe you are thinking that this recipe is a calories bomb. That’s why Lhardy has invented the light torrija without sugar, skimmed milk and a light brioche.

Price: 3,5€

Pastelería Mallorca

Their torrijas are awesome but this year.. they’ve taken it a step further. We didn’t believe that this was possible but…yes: torrija with chocolate bread and melted chocolate over it. Oh, yes, please!

Price: 2,6€

Horno de San Onofre

Known because of their roscones the torrijas are also delicious. “The secret is in the bread” they said. Their torrijas are expensive and not the biggest but incredible.

Price: 3,8€

Café de Oriente

Their “typical” torrija is done with toffee. We don’t know how to describe it. Just eat it! It is spongey with a subtle  flavour and sweet, really sweet.

Price: 6€


They sell the most non-traditional torrijas in the city: they are mini-size and done with raspberry, grilled custard, toffee with dulce de leche, toasted cream, and stuffed with apple and cinnamon.

Price: 4,4€

El Riojano

Here, the torrijas are just present at Semana Santa. Not before and not after this week. Classic, with cream inside and outside, lemon smell and big, well, huge!

Price: 3,5€


So, six extraordinary torrijas in the capital! No matter which one you choose, taste it because this sweet is only available for one week and, rest assured, it is unique!

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