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Best Tapas in Madrid: Vegetarian Edition

Best Tapas in Madrid: Vegetarian Edition our pick of the best meat-free tapas, and where to find them in Madrid!

Traditionally, Spain is not the most vegetarian-friendly place; however, that idea is changing, and quite rapidly we may add! There is a logic to the Spanish tapeo, and we’re here to shed light on the process! If you’re a vegetarian living in Madrid, or simply passing through, use this guide to find the best tapas in Madrid that are both apt for non meat eaters, and delicious! You’d be surprised what’s out there! Happy tapeo,friends!


Best Tapas in Madrid:

Tortilla de Patatas

What is it? It’s a think, hearty dish of potatoes and eggs layered about 2 inches high then baked or cooked in a skillet. Some places make Spanish omelet with onion, caramelizad onion and goat cheese, peppers, and other delicious things! It’s a bit of a carbohydrate overload considering you eat tortilla with bread usually, so maybe don’t have it everyday, and you’ll be just fine.

Our Personal Favorite: Sylkar

At SylkarSpanish omelette is meaty, little curdled and always with onion. It is possible to eat it with pisto -similar to the French ratatoille-, a combination that you cannot easily find in other restaurants, also with tuna or a la paisana –made with potatoes and vegetables like carrot or green beans and some cured ham or chorizo–. Hard to forget it anyway. Sylkar also participated in different competitions with its tortilla. 

– Address: Calle Espronceda, 17
– Opening hours: From 8.00 am to 6.00 pm and 8.00 pm to 00.00 am. Closed on Sunday nights and Monday
– Phone: (+34) 915 545 703
– Price: 2,60 € (pincho)
– <M> Ríos Rosas

Best tapas in Madrid

 Patatas Bravas

What is it? Bravas are cubed fried potatoes covered in a piping hot, savoury, and slightly spicy sauce! They are perfect to share amongst friends! There are plenty of places to fin patatas bravas in Madrid, but we are partial to El Callejón del Gato, which is a street in the city center with tons of options! You can’t go wrong on this Madrid street! Tell us your favorite in the comment section so we make sure to pay them a visit too!

Tapas in Madrid - Bravas


 Berenjenas Fritas con Miel

This is one of our favorite vegetarian friendly dishes! Fried eggplant with honey sounds a bit strange, but trust us! We recommend Saporem’s take on the classic tapa because their eggplant is sliced thin and fried to perfection! We also really enjoyed this dish at Merimee in the Gran Vía neighborhood. Why not treat yourself to a happy hour there with a delicious meat-free tapa? Our last recommendation for berenjenas fritas is Perrachica! This dish is phenomenal, and the presentation is stunning too!

Best tapas Madrid - Fried eggplant


These are our favorites! What would you add to the list?


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