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Let yourself be kidnapped in Madrid

If you are a fan of escape games and have already tried everything, in Madrid a new modality has been born: Kidnappings. Hooded with handcuffs and 1 hour to escape. Do you really think you can win it? Mad4Madrid shares their experience with you.

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Auschwitz: History of Humanity

Madrid is the first stop of an exhibition showcasing more than 600 original objects focused on the Auschwitz concentration camp. The exhibition will be from December 1st to June 17th, 2018. This will be a time to learn about the Auschwitz concentration camp and see first hand some of the tools and objects used in the camp.

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¡Adiós, Campo de Cebada!

Campo de Cebada is going to be transformed into a sports complex. They are hosting a Farewell party an assembly of words, longing & love. Take home a keepsake of Campo de la Cebada & also rescue a plant from getting destroyed!! This is your only chance to experience the energy that Campo de Cebada holds & Say your Goodbyes !! Happening on Sunday, 26th of November from 12h onwards!!

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Indian Food: Where to find actual Indian Food??

Craving for some Spicy Indian Food? Want to enjoy an Authentic Indian Meal? Check out our article to discover some places to find good Indian Cuisine!

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10 days to rediscover the neighborhoods of Malasaña & Chueca through various activities organized by Pasamanería. Starting from 16th of November until 26th of November, Go get exploring two of the most famous neighborhoods in the city of Madrid!!

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Stranger Things in Madrid: An immersive experience

An event to experience and share with your friends, Madrid welcomes Stranger Things!! We guarantee you it will be memorable one!! Go check it out today at El espacio Ciento y Pico from 12h until 22h!!

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Ibex Bar: The Modern Indian Kitchen & Bar

Ibex bar is a place where drink prices rise & fall with the stock exchange! The thrill of anticipating the prices while enjoying some quality Indian food, sounds like a perfect place to hang out!

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Noches del Olivar: Concerts under Olive Trees

Concert series under olive trees. A magical place safe from the warn temperatures. Enjoy the music untill August 31st.

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