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Cutrecon VII: A Festival with the Most Shabby Films

Shabby films in the cinema. It is not an error. It is the Cutrecon Festival! You are going to laugh or to cry, guaranteed! Till January 28th in different places.

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Gastrofestival 2018: Welcome Foodies

Gastrofestival 2018 starts on the 20th of January and goes until the 4th of February. Madrid proclaims that culture and gastronomy are the same. That’s why you can find those days activities around food in museums, art galleries, theaters or restaurants. And special routes too! And…the most of the events are free.

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Illusion & Photography in Romanticism

Illusion & Photography in Romanticism exhibit focuse on how photography reached the general public during the romantic era & the rise of the culture of the images. Happening in Museo del Romanticismo until the 13th of May.

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All Food Markets in Madrid

In Madrid there is almost no market left where you cannot sit down and have tapas, rations, wines and beers. Among the most classic stalls such as butcher shops, poultry shops or greengrocers, there are authentic gastronomic temples that have nothing to envy to any restaurant. And in Mad4Madrid, instead of telling you the best 5, we tell you all there is in the city!

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Antiques & Art Lovers this Fair is for you!

For all my antique and art lovers, Almoneda Fair is happening the 13th to 17th of December at IFEMA FROM 12 To 9PM. They have everything you can imagine from antique furniture to antique jewelry and fashion to antique art.

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Christmas International Fair of Cultures

Want to learn about how other countries celebrate Christmas? Matadero Madrid is hosting a Christmas International Fair of Cultures from the 15th to 29th of December from 12 to 21h.

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Clubs with Music besides Salsa

Looking to for a club experience other than salsa. Here are a few clubs that play a variety of music for you to choose from.

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The world of Giorgio de Chirico: Dream or Reality

The world of Giorgio de Chirico: Dream or Reality exhibition covers the main creative phases of Giorgio de Chirico and his influence on the surrealists. Take a deeper look into De Chirico through this exhibit happening in Caixa Forum from November 17th!!

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Mujeres Nobel: Nobel Prizes awarded to Women

Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales is showcasing “Mujeres Nobel”. This exhibition focuses on eleven Nobel Prize winners awarded to women with an aim to highlight the women who have fought for an ideal world!! Go get a deeper understanding of some of the most influential women in the history through this exhibit happening until March 20th 2018!!

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Un día cualquiera

Un día cualquiera by Manu Brabo presents collection of photographs that illustrate the wars, conflicts and revolutions of the 21st century in countries of the Middle East. This exhibition is supported by National Geographic, with a aim to give visibility and raise public awareness of the alarming situation in the Middle East.

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