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Adrenaline Junkies, yay or nay?

Ever run out of crazy and fun ideas to do in Madrid. Don’t worry, we got you! Madrid isn’t lacking in crazy and extremes activities to do. From bungee jumpings, to sky diving, there is something for everyone.

Has it ever crossed your mind to do something extreme while on vacation or even in your home town. For you, the extreme thing could have been getting on the plane and traveling to Madrid with someone or by yourself. Lets explore some extreme activities you can do right here in Madrid.


What exactly is paragliding? It is flying a paraglider for recreational or competitive sport. For those of you who are like, really paraglider, what is that? Don’t worry we got you covered. We will spare you all the technical jargon, it’s basically a wing made of fabric and a harness. The harness allows you to “sit” and guide the wing where you want it to go. If you are a beginnner, an experienced pilot would accompany you. This is different from parachuting because you won’t be jumping off a Cliff or out of a plane.

Parapente offers 3 different packages for:

  1. Paragliding Baptism for 59€ for a 15min flight at 250m
  2. High Mountain Paragliding 89€ for a 20min flight at 700m
  3. Acrobatic Paragliding 139€ for a 15-30min flight

Madrid Outdoor Sports has flights that range from 85€ to 135€

Bungee Jumping

For us, this activity is one of the scarier ones because your literally jumping into thin air. Well the actual definition is leaping from a bridge, crane, or high place all while being secured by a long nylon-cased rubber band around the ankles. To be totally fair and honest all of these activities have an element of danger to them hence the word extreme being in the name.

High Jump offers 1 jump at 30m high for 50€

Sky Diving

So pretty much its jumping out of a plane with a parachute. Sounds pretty simple right, not! It’s more intense than the other activities and much more expensive. Depending on if you have sky dived before, your time spent will consist of a course and a jump.

Sky Dive Madrid has packages ranging from 230€ (but doesn’t include the jump) to 2515€ (which includes 15 jumps)

Aladinia has packages ranging from 180€ to 340€(this includes potos and video) for a single jump.

Wind Tunnel

One of the newer activities that is similar to skydiving but “safer”. A wind tunnel is an apparatus that produces strongs winds. We think its pretty cool because everyone that flies is given a space uniform, goggles and helmet to wear during flight that will make you feel official. Before you actually fly, you will have to sit through a course of about an hour on safety measures and protocol.

Windobona has packages ranging form 39€ (for 2 minutes of flying) to 132€ (for 6 minutes of flying) for solo flyers. You can also go in a group.

Water Activities

Their are an array of water activities you can do in Madrid. A visit to Pantano de San Juan is needed if you perfer water activities. WakeA offers a wide range of activities from waterboarding to boat parties. One in particular that we think is extreme, Fly Boarding. What exactly is fly boarding, it’s when a rider is hooked up to a board connected to a boat where water is forced under pressure to a pair of boots with jet nozzles. The rider can either fly up to 15m (49ft) in the air or dive through water down to 2.5m )8ft). To do activities at WakeA range from 18€ to 82,5€ for one person. To give you an idea of how much an activity can be;

  1. Kayaking: 18€ for 1h
  2. Wake Boarding: 67,5€ for 20mins
  3. FlyBoarding: 82,5€ for 20mins

Madrid has something for everyone, go out an explore.

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