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7 ways to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Madrid

It’s no secret St Patrick’s Day is also celebrated in Madrid, and there is plenty to jot down in your events diary for the holiday ahead. Mad4Madrid brings you 7 lucky ways to celebrate the Irish national holiday. Including kareoke, cooking up some delicious bow ties, and playing Gaelic football. And yes, there will be parties as well.

Originally St Patrick’s was a saint’s day like any other for the puritanical Spanish, but for years now the 17th of March has meant partying until the cock crowd. Any true Irishman would feel right at home. 

This year is a lucky one because the holy day falls on a Friday, meaning that there will be celebrations from Thursday through Saturday (trust Madrid to spread out the festivities). We have put together a list of our favourites so you can fill up your social calendar and only think in green from weekstart to weekend. Let’s start with these 7 ways to celebrate the shamrock out of St Patrick’s Day. 

1. Get out n’party!

St Patrick’s in Madrid = party. Here are some of our favourites:

1. More rock than the Blarney Stone at Gruta 77

Gruta 77 will be putting on two great concerts in honor of the patron saint of Ireland. For more information check out the event in our MadGuide.

2.The Brazilian Avenue that’s taken an Irish turn

The place to be on on St Paddy’s: it throwing 2 almost back to back free concerts! First hit the Irish Rover on Thursday the 16th to get your Guinness on at one of the biggest Irish pubs in Europe. Then come back for a 2nd (or 14th) round the following day at Moby, for a club that’ll keep you moving until you either hit your bed, or the floor. Check out the event in our MadGuide.

3.Make it official: Celebrate St Patrick’s Day at the Irish Embassy

No they’re not trying to extradite you. Short of hopping on a plane to Dublin, St Patrick’s at the embassy he represents is without a doubt the next best thing. Every national holiday has its more official celebration and the boys at the emerald bureau haven’t done half bad. Join them at the Parque Deportivo Puerta del Hierro all day on Saturday the 18th for theatre, mouth watering nosh, and even Gaelic football.  More details in our MadGuide.

2.Knock Back a Guinness in a Real Irish Pub

Madrid has so many Irish pubs that sometimes we loose ourselves and think we’re in Dublin, and even more so when it rains! All of these wood-panelled wonders are inviting, rowdy when the taps start flowing, and by far the best bars to be when St Patrick’s rolls around. Go to whichever you go to, don’t get stuck on the cocktail menu, order yourself a tall, dark, stout from the tap, kickback, and dream of Galway. Need any recommendations?

3. Get Together for a Game of Gaelic Football

One of the activities the Irish Embassy in Madrid has on the cards this holiday season are various games of Gaelic football, so you have no excuse not go see a game or even try for yourself. And if that stirs up your inner Celtic warrior, you should know that Madrid boasts the only Gaelic Football club in the state: the Madrid Harps.

4. Break Out Your Inner Irish Dancer

Well it wouldn’t be a party without dancing. Much less an Irish one! Feel the drum of that unmistakable Irish rhythm with, Irish Treble. They’ll be playing on the 17th at 17:00 at O’Neills and at 23:00 in the Clover Tavern. And if you can’t make those too they’ll also be taking to the stage on Saturday the 18th at the at Irish Embassy. And if that leaves you itching to move, sign up to one one of their dance classes and workshops!

5. Popcorn, Blanket, Movie

Bish, bash, bosh. After number 7 on this list it’s a close second for your best Paddy’s day recipe. For those of you that don’t feel like drinking, running, or river dancing: you can still vegetate on the sofa with a movie and get festive! A fire of our favourite emerald flavoured cinema classics include The Commitments, about a dubliner soul group and their journey to success; the Philemina, for the heartwarming story of a women’s journey to find her lost son.

6. Channel Your Inner Enya with Some Karaoke

For the Braveheart in you (and yes we know that’s Scotland but come on, there are only so many references to Ireland we can think of!). It’s no national secret that Ireland has produced more than its fair share of chart topping artists. U2, The Corrs. The Cranberries, The Dubliners, The Script, and Kodaline, being just a few. So head over to any one of the karaoke bars in Madrid, and belt out your all time favourites. Just remember that with these particular song choices you have some very big shoes to fill.

7. Cook Up the Gaelic Storm

We know more than anyone that the story of a country starts at the dinner table. So it’s time to get those oven gloves on, dust off that apron and get to work on some of some of these mean green Irish dishes:

  • Boxty: like pancakes but savoury.
  • Coddle: sausages, bacon, potatoes and onion hotpot. All together.
  • Seaffod Chowder: seafood soup.
  • Cottage Pie: savoury cake of meat and potatoes on the top.

Whatever you decide is the best way for you to celebrate your St Patrick’s Day, let us know! And don’t forget to snap a memory outside some of Madrid’s most famous monuments (Eg the Palacio de Cibeles) which will all be lit up in green for the occasion!

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