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007: 50 Years of James Bond Fashion

If you've ever looked at a Bond film and drooled a little because of all the sequins, glamour, and fashion, then we have the place for you. Check out the exhibit Diseñar 007 going on now until the end of August.

We all know and acknowledge the fact that history repeats itself. Well, we’re here to tell you that fashion too runs on a never-ending loop. The trends of generations past reemerge years later and are greeted with the same excitement and zeal as before (except shoulder pads, those are still awful). The beauty of fashion is its ability to reinvent itself. Fashion finds inspiration from all over, and definitely pulls from the arts such as film and television. When reflecting on films of our generation, and generations past, there’s one series– more like cult classic– that stands out. No matter where you go, or who you speak to, this name doesn’t need translating or explanation: Bond, James Bond.

Foto courtesy of Diseñando 007
Foto courtesy of Diseñando 007

Going on now at the Fernás Goméz Centro Cultural de la Villa is an exhibition that transports the visitor through 50 years of James Bond fashion and films. The center is located in the very heart of Madrid at metro Colón in the Plaza Colón. If you get lost, look for a huge fountain, then direct your attention downwards. The building has several entrances, but all you need to do is walk towards the taquilla or ticket counter and pay there. You can also order tickets online if that is more convenient. The prices are as follows:

Adults 15€

2 adults + 2 children 42€

Kids under 6 FREE

There are also discounted rates for seniors, unemployed, and groups.

The exhibit is huge, and really does feel like you’ve gone back in time. There are mannequins, and life sized recreations of scenes from the famous, and well-known films. The dresses are fabulous, and timeless. There is a room dedicated to all the clever Bond gadgets, and of course, the men’s outfits are also represented. There are sketches and diagrams and you genuinely do get a backstage view into the planning and work that went into designing these costumes over the past 50 years. From the looks of it, it was no easy feat.

We enjoyed this exhibit for several reasons: the clothes are fantastic, beautiful and timeless. The recreations of the scenes from the films felt life-like and let’s face it, really cool. The gadget room would make any nerd denmarkapotek.com flip out. It´s also huge! Walking around the exhibit, you really can spend a solid hour and lose track of time completely.

Bond, James Bond
Bond, James Bond
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